Continue in Well Doing Rom. 2:7

Rom 2:7 Patient Continuance in Well Doing CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Rom 2:7 speaks of patient continuance in well doing.  The context is eternal life.  A person who wants glory, honor and immortality is going to hear the gospel if he is living his life in patient continuance in well doing.  A good example of this is Cornelius in Acts 10.  He had been a devout man, he feared God, he gave much alms, he always prayed to God [Acts 10:2] and he was just and of good report [Acts 10:22].  Peter said, “he that… worketh righteousness is accepted with him,” [Acts 10:34-35].  Thus, when Peter preached Jesus, Cornelius and his household believed [Acts 10:43-44.

Please understand, salvation is not patient continuance in well doing because you cannot be saved by your good works.  Salvation is a new birth; it is instant.  You are saved when you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  You have done well if you have come here today to hear the gospel.  Now, like Cornelius, you need to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.  Then you will have the eternal life you have desired.

Then after getting saved, you must patiently continue in well doing in the following areas.  Continue well doing in:

Sowing to the Spirit – Gal 6:8-9 – spiritual maturity is not a matter of not sowing to the flesh; it is a matter of sowing to the Spirit.  Attending these church services, Bible reading, studying, praying, telling others about Jesus are all sowing to the Spirit.  Serving God is sowing to the Spirit.  Just as sowing to the flesh over a long time ends up in physical dissipation, likewise, sowing to the Spirit over a long time yields the rewards of everlasting life.  Weariness is what will get you to quit.

Walking orderly – 2 Thes 3:6-15 – walking orderly is a matter of following orders.  You have a pastor who must maintain order in the church [1 Cor 14:40; Heb 13:7, 17]. The orders in Thessalonica concerned a problem with free loaders.  But the admonition to walk orderly deals with anything you are commanded to do as a matter of order.  Don’t behave yourself disorderly and cut of fellowship with those who are disorderly.

Abstaining from fleshly lusts – 1 Pet 2:11-16 – this is the fight that we have with the flesh. We will have a continual fight until we die.  We must continue to pull out the weeds of sin to keep the garden of our soul clean.

Submitting to ordinances – 1 Pet 2:11-16 – by submitting to the ordinances of men we put to silence the ignorance of foolish men; your good works, which they shall behold, glorify God.  Continue to obey the law.

Suffering – 1 Pet 3:16-18; 1 Pet 4:19 – you must patiently continue when you are suffering wrongfully for being a child of God.  You must also patiently continue in well doing when you are suffering physically.  Don’t let your ailments wear you out.

Conclusion: if your well doing has led you here to be saved, then be saved today by trusting Jesus Christ as your Savior.  If you are saved then continue in well doing in all those areas where you have begun to grow weary.