Congregational Singing

Congregational Singing Eph 5:19 Col 3:16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The purpose of congregational singing from a hymnbook in a fellowship of believers is the subject of this sermon.  Congregational singing of hymns:

Joins the congregation together – Eph 5:19 – speaking to yourselves in 1 Cor 1:10 with the same words in the same time with the same intensity directed to the same person – you have harmony.

Provides an easily remembered melody – Eph 5:19 singingAND making melody.  You can recall the song easily by just hearing the first few notes of the melody.  Each song is very distinct and brings back the words associated with the tune.  The ease of the melody allows you to concentrate on the words you are singing.

Directs our hearts and voices to the Lord – Eph 5:19 singing … in your heart to the Lord.  Just consider how many Psalms are directed in praise to the Lord and his majesty and works.

Let’s the word of Christ dwell in you richly –Col 3:16 – this is like scripture memory only it’s easier to remember the words associated with the melody.  Seasoned saints at the nursing home can’t remember who I am from time to time but they can remember the hymns without looking at the words in the hymnbook.

Preaches sermons to you – Col 3:16 – teaching and admonishing – these songs come back to you again and again and preach to you at precisely the time you need a sermon concerning the problem you are facing or the need you are experiencing.

Awakens the grace of God in you – Col 3:16 – you obtain grace at the throne of grace not only through prayer but also through praise and thanksgiving [Ps 100, Eph 5:20,Col 3:17].