The Conclusion of the Whole Matter

The Conclusion of the Whole Matter

Ecc. 12:13-14


When you reach, or bring something to a conclusion you end, close, or reach a final result. Once most of us reach that conclusion, we act on it. Many things affect this process of reaching a conclusion, and there are many ways we can get it wrong. So, what are some things that will help us to get it right?


  1. Gather evidence First
    1. Example of the news media in this past election night results, having formed a conclusion, that Clinton will win, then seeking evidence to prove it. As much as they sought for her to win the evidence was not there. They had reached a conclusion before gathering evidence.
    2. [Prov.18:13] What a perfect example of folly and shame!!!
    3. Be very careful of where you gather your evidence!
    4. [Rom.15:4] The scriptures are a perfect place to gather evidence for our learning and hope
    5. [1Cor.10:11] The examples shown in scripture are given for our admonition, gentle reproof or counseling against a fault.


  1. Be willing to choose Truth over Convenience.
    1. [Jud.21:25] We all do this still today. We choose to do what we want, or what is convenient for us.
    2. [Ecc.12:13-14] Solomon has come to a correct conclusion about this life under the sun.
      1. We have a duty to God to Fear him and keep his commandments
      2. We have been given the Truth, The word of God [Jn.17:17]
  • The problem is doing it is seldom convenient.
  1. [2 Pet.1:20] The things you read in Scripture are not of any private interpretation, you can’t make them say what you want. [Gen.40:8] interpretations belong to God.
  2. If not careful we can form our own interpretation of what God is saying or just choose to believe only the things we want.
  3. [Isa.30:1-3] Worldly counsel has always brought shame and confusion.

Have you reached any conclusion about?

Your Eternity?

Your King James Bible?

Your Christian Life and the Fear of God and the Obedience to the commands of God?