Cheerful Giver

Cheerful Giver
2 Cor.9:7

Giving comes naturally to some and it is quite a struggle for others. The Bible tells us that God loveth a cheerful giver. Many passages and examples of giving are in the Bible for us to understand God’s will concerning giving. This lesson is very basic and intended to encourage you in giving to the Lord.

A Cheerful Giver Mindset

• God does not need your money! [Ps.50:10-12] He owns everything.
• Giving does not enhance your position or make you a better Christian [Acts 10:34] No respecter of persons.
• Giving brings God’s blessings [Luke 6:38] [2 Cor.9:6] Truly these blessing are essentially spiritual, contrary to the “prosperity preaching” which is all carnal. Which would you rather have Inner contentment and peace or worldly riches?
• [Mk.12:41-44] Generous or sacrificial pleases God. The Macedonians gave out of their deep poverty and affliction.
• Giving should never be decided casually, serious prayer, asking God what he wants you to give.

Actions of a Cheerful Giver

• The offering of one’s self
o [1Cor.6:19-20] You were bought with a price
o [2Cor.8:5] first gave their own selves to the Lord
o [Rom.12:1] present your body, not just your wallet

• Start with the Tithe as a minimum
o [Lev.27:30] the tithe is the Lord’s
o [Mal.3:8-10] at the very least stop stealing from him
o [2Cor.8:2] they must have given way more than 10%, knowing their poverty, it could have not been much of a gift.

• Commit to a regular schedule
o [1Cor.16:2] Make a habit of it
o Also be responsive to need, always looking for opportunity to give

• Begin Now
o Natural tendency is to put off giving till you feel able, don’t wait.
o A preacher once asked a farmer: If you had $200 would you give $100 to the Lord? I would, he said. If you had two cows, would you give one of them to the Lord? I would said the farmer. If you had two pigs, would you give one of them to the Lord? The farmer said, that’s not fair, you know I have two pigs.

• Do it with Joy
o [2Cor.9:7] God loveth a cheerful giver, and verse 8, he will make all grace abound toward you.
o [Acts 20:35] It is more blessed to give than receive