Caution with Open Doors

Caution with Open Doors

At one time or another we all pray to God for him to open some door in our life. Caution is needed whenever you find yourself headed for an open door. Did God open it, or did Satan?

God opens Doors

[2 Cor. 2:12] door of direction
[Col. 4:1-4] door of utterance
[Acts 14:23-28] door of faith

Satan opens Doors

[Gen. 3:5-7] they were warned [Gen 2:16-17] [Gen 4:7] Sin lieth at the door (first use)

God and Satan close Doors [Gen 3:23-24] Garden of Eden – God Slammed it shut
[Job 1:8] God Brags on Job –Gives Satan Permission


1. You have God’s Word to Warn You
• [Rev. 12:9] Satan is a Deceiver
• [1 John 2:16] the things in this world
The Devil, the World, and the Flesh
• [Luke 4] Satan opened doors for Jesus – temptations Verse 1 lead by the Spirit (God) to temptation
Verse 3 Lust of the flesh
Verse 5 Lust of the eyes
Verse 9 Pride of life [1 Peter 5:6-8] devil is seeking to destroy you

2. Seek wise counsel Adam and Eve didn’t
• [Proverbs 11:14] Safety
• [Proverbs 15:22] Established or Disappointed
• Seek God’s direction/counsel
[Rom. 8:14] lead by the Spirit
[Jn 16:13] H. S. guides you
Paul Had Issues with Wise Counsel
[Acts 16:6] Forbidden by the Spirit – and he obeyed!
[Acts 20: 22-23] Paul going to Jerusalem- Noble Cause
[Acts 21:4] Warned again
[Acts 21:10-13] Agabus warned again
Lost two years of ministry

3. Will God get the Glory?
For the decision? Yes, if based on obedience to God’s Wisdom
For the results? Yes, with thanksgiving and testimony [Ps.50:15] Vain Glory [Gal. 5:6] [Prov. 25:27] Not Glory

4. Do you have Peace with the door? [Phil. 4:6-7 & 9]

These four points will only work for you is you have a good daily fellowship with God. If you don’t, your deceiver will work with your flesh to fool you in every point.