By Faith the Harlot Rahab Heb 11:30-31

By Faith the Harlot Rahab Heb. 11: 30-31 CLICK TITLE FOR ADUIO

Everybody in Jericho died the day the walls fell down except for Rahab and her family members who were with her in her house.  The reason that they were spared is that Rahab believed in the Lord.  She said, “the Lord your God, he is God in heaven above, and in earth beneath,” [Jos 2:11].  Rahab’s faith is exemplary.  By faith the harlot Rahab:

Recognized a divine opportunity – Jos 2:1, 11 – she had an opportunity to lodge the spies.  You have to ask yourself how they ended up in Rahab’s house.  I believe that she invited them in.  This was her opportunity to protect them and negotiate for the lives of her family members. You have an opportunity to lodge Jesus Christ.  The problem is that the god many people believe in is not the God in heaven and in earth.  Thus, when God presents them with an opportunity to lodge his Son, they don’t recognize it.  The Lord wanted to save Rahab and he wants to save you.

Fearlessly hid the spies – Jos 2:2-7 – the news got to the king and the king’s men got to Rahab’s house quickly.  The spies came in “to night,” which means they hadn’t been there very long.  And Rahab said they were gone by “the time of the shutting of the gate when it was dark.”  That’s fast.  She devised the scheme to hide them and throw their pursuers off their track.  However, this was a highly risky move.  She was willing to risk it because she believed God.  She had to lie to cover for them.  In the USA we don’t really face these risky situations today.  We are still fortunate to lead quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness and honesty.

Saved her family members lives – Jos 2:8-13 – According to Heb 11:31 she “perished not.”  Rahab’s faith affected more than just her life.  Jesus forgave and healed the man sick of the palsy… when he saw “their” faith [Mk 2:5]; that is, the faith of the men who carried him to Jesus.  Acts 16:31 says, “and thy house.”  She believed the Lord would save them.  Your faith in the Lord should be effectual toward your family.  They may still refuse to believe in the Lord.  

Obeyed the spies commands – Jos 2:14-21 – the spies said, “Our life for yours.”  In other words, you spared our lives, we will spare yours… only don’t utter this business.  So, she let them down by a cord.  And then she told them how to avoid their pursuers.  The “scarlet thread,” and the command that her family stay in the house and not go “out of the doors” was like passover.  She followed their instructions to the T.  By faith we follow what the Lord told us to the T.  You don’t just want to believe.  You want to believe to justification, Jas 2:25.  We are justified by faith in the work of Christ. 

Trusted the words of the oath – Jos 6:17, 22-25 – can you imagine staying in the house the seven days that they circled and then on the day that the walls fell down.  Most people ghouls have run just out of sheer fear.  Imagine staying in doors while all the people are being slain.  Wow, what faith.  She didn’t run or fall like Peter when he saw that the wind was boisterous.

Reaped an eternal reward – Matt 1:5-6 – Rahab became the great, great grandmother of David.  She was brought into the line of Christ.  What a remarkable turn of events for her.  The Lord wants to clean you up and give you a new direction and a new destination.  He wants you to forget your miserable past and look to your glorious future with him.

Conclusion: Christian, your faith needs to be stronger so that you can fearlessly follow and obey the Lord.  If you are here today without Christ, you need to receive him like Rahab received the spies.