Building the Tabernacle

Building the Tabernacle Ex 31:1-11, Ex. 35: 30-35 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Building the tabernacle was a great task.  How did God get it done?  The answer to that question reveals how God gets many of his great tasks done.

He called a man – Bezaleel – Ex 35:30, 31:2 – in other words he didn’t just wait for someone to show up and do this great task – he called Moses to lead them out into the wilderness – he called Jesus to die for us – he called Paul to minister to the Gentiles – he called John to write the Revelation of Jesus Christ

He filled him with His Spirit – Ex 35:31, Ex 31:3 – God would never depend upon a man and his talent to do his great tasks – he would depend on his Spirit within the man to do it – Bezaleel received wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and workmanship – all of these combines to give him the capacity to do this job well

He gave him a job to do – Ex 35:32-33, 35; Ex 31:5, 7-11- his job was very specific – tailor made to what God wanted from him – one man in charge – one task to complete

He gave him a helper – Ex 35:34; Ex 31:6 – God’s principle is two by two – Moses had Joshua – Elijah had Elisha – Paul had Timothy –

He gave him men and women to teach – Ex 35:34; Ex 31:6 – this is the principle of 2 Tim 2:2 – you use every task as an opportunity to train others in the work – notice that the Spirit also gave them the wisdom to do the work Ex 31:6 – what we do we do together – many hands make light work – with this kind of training you give God more men and women to call.

Together these men and women completed the tabernacle exactly the way that God wanted it built.