Build On These Foundations, Ps. 11:3

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If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Ps 11:3. When the foundations are destroyed, there’s nothing you can do.  Whatever you built is going to crumble.  Likewise, if your life has no foundation or you build on the wrong foundation, it will eventually crumble.  So, we want to discuss some foundations upon which you should build your life.

Your life should be built on the foundations of:

Jesus Christ – 1 Cor 3:11. He is the chief cornerstone.  Now notice, when it comes to building your life, he’s not just your helper like a laborer who comes to help on the jobsite [only call on him when you need him and only as long as you need him], or just your provider like the bank [get the money and never see him again], or just your protector like a security guard [whom you know is looking out for things but with whom you have no dealings personally], or just your supplier like the lumber company [only go to him when you need something].  These the ways many Christians treat him.

He is the foundation.  There is no building if it isn’t for him.  Everything centers on your relationship with him.  Everything.  If you don’t tie everything you’re building into the foundation [as with Samson straps in a wood frame building] you won’t stand.

The words of God – Matt 7:24-27 – your life must be built in obedience to God’s words.  What you hear in the words of God, you do.  And your life will stand.  When you build on what you think rather than on what God said, your house is coming down. And if you aren’t sure what God said about what you’re doing, ask somebody that knows what he said.  He’ll help you keep from violating the “building code.”

What you don’t want to do is get to the place in your building where God gives you up to your own counsels [Ps 81:11-12].  You will think you are right all the way up until the time you are standing knee deep in the rubble.  Your life’s collapse will come as a complete shock to you.  Not to others who know the word; but to you.

The church – Eph 2:20-22 –  the church is here for you through your life.  Walk away from this and down she goes. Jesus said that we need more time in the church the closer we get to his arrival [Heb 10:25].  Thank you for all you have done to make sure our church is still here.  And if you haven’t “invested” in the work, by tithing and volunteering, for instance, what are you going to do to make sure that the church is here for your children when they are grown?

Christian friends – Prov 10:25 – a friend of mine, who strayed from the Lord for over ten years, told me that his Christian friends are the only ones who are still here for him.  All his other friends are gone by the wayside.  My Christian friends have never left me.  You must show yourself friendly to have those kinds of friends.  Don’t turn your back on these folks or your house will crumble.

Conclusion: build your life on Jesus Christ, obedience to the words of God, your local church, and good Christian friends.  If you don’t your life will fall.  And when it falls, it will be twice as hard to rebuild as it was to build right the first time.  If you are rebuilding your life, don’t despair.  There are several restaurants built with old barn wood and rusted tin.  They have character.  God can still use you as long as you rebuild on these foundations.