Biblical Seven Stages of Man

Biblical Seven Stages of Man

Luke 2:12

Thank God that there is still one time of year where the world is urged to look at the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in the manger. If your Christmas has anything to do with the savior, then you know the true meaning of this Biblical account. The world has altered many of the truths of this account, and in this lesson, we will start with just one of these mistruths.

[Lk.2:12 &16] we are told that Jesus was a “babe”. This is obviously a reference to his physical age.

[Matt.2:1-12] we are told that Jesus is a “young child”. Once again, a reference to his physical age.

In the Bible there are seven different terms used that distinguish the different stages of a man’s life. In this lesson we are going to identify each one and how they apply to a person’s physical age and spiritual age.

It really doesn’t take much discernment to figure out the difference between a “babe” in a manger, and a “young child” in a house. So, the truth is that the wise men didn’t show up at the manger, and really showed up when Jesus was a young child, later.


Stage                                              Spiritual                                                               Physical

Babes                                                1 Cor.3:1                                                              Lk1:41&44

(milk not meat)

Little Children                              Jn.13:33                                                                2 Kings 2:23

(Lack understanding)

Children                                              Eph. 4:14                                                              2 Jn. 1

(start to understand, not tossed)

Young men                                     1 Jn.2:13                                                              Gen. 22:3,5,19

(time of strength, Prov.20:29)

Fathers                                              1 Jn.2:13-14                                                        Gen. 31:3

(Got some experience, Rom.5:1-5)

Elders                                                 1 Pet. 5:1                                                             Gen. 50:7

(responsible to feed others)

Aged                                                     Philemon 9                                          Tit. 2:2, Job.15:10

(Impressive rap sheet)

What is your Spiritual age?