Biblical Money Truths

Biblical Money Truths

Lesson notes from

David Gibbs – Greatest Spiritual Cancer Ecc. 5:10-15



a)      Spiritual Cancer- The love of money (I Tim. 6:10)

b)      Covetousness – Idolatry (Col.3:5)

c)       If you make 20,000/year – Top 2% of world population

d)      Money problems will be your future if you don’t get it right now.

e)      Deu. 8:18 It all comes from God, It’s is His.


1)      Verse 10 The more you have, the more you want. GREED

2)      Verse 10 The more you have, the less you are satisfied. NOT HAPPY

3)      Verse 11 The more you have, the more people will come after it. LAW SUITS

4)      Verse 11 The more you have, The more you realize that all you can do is look at it COLLECTION

5)      Verse 12 The more you have, The more you have to worry about. INSURANCE, THEIF

6)      Verse 13 The more you have, The more you can hurt yourself by holding on to it. (Sutter’s gold)

7)      Verse 14 The more you have, The more you have to loose. AFFECTS YOUR DECISIONS

8)      Verse 15 The more you have, The more you leave behind.  LUKE 12:15-21


How to handle it?  1 Tim. 6:17-18


1)      Verse 17, Be not Highminded.

a)      It means we think we are something because of what we have.

b)      Take away all your stuff, and that is the real you.

c)       We have no talents apart from what God has given us, our every breath.

d)      Judging others on their appearance is being Highminded.

2)      Verse 17; Don’t put your faith in uncertain riches.

a)      All riches on this earth are uncertain, our lives are uncertain also,

b)      One aneurysm, one stroke, you don’t know what tomorrow brings.

c)       God gives and God can take away  Job 1:21

d)      Most nations that have experienced prosperity have self-destructed because they became comfortable in trusting their riches and not God.

e)      Unlike some other nations we need not trust God to be able to eat tonight.

f)       Did you pray this morning for God to supply something for you to eat today?

g)      God reminds us here to trust Him for our provisions, Riches are uncertain, but He is always faithful.

3)      Verse 18 Be rich in good works

a)      Good works don’t come by accident

b)      Good works are something that is not expected from you.  Luke 17:10

c)       Ask Him what good works you can do this week, write them down, and get busy doing good for His Glory

4)      Verse 18 Be ready to distribute.

a)      We should be jumping at a chance to Give ( self, time, money, etc)

b)      We should be looking for chances.