Bezaleel, Ex 31:1-5

Bezaleel was God’s principal choice to make the tabernacle and everything in and for the tabernacle that the Lord commanded Moses to make.  Aholiab was his principal assistant in the work.

There are some interesting things that those of us who work for the Lord can learn from  studying Bezaleel.

Bezaleel learned in Egypt much of what he needed to know for this work.  Ex 31:1-5.  It does’t appear that God suddenly took a man who knew nothing and gave him all the skill and wisdom necessary to build the tabernacle, devise cunning works, cut stones, etc.  Certainly, the Lord could have done this miracle.  But this is highly unlikely.

Instead, God called a man who learned how to work with his hands and then gifted him to use this talent to work for the Lord.  Bezaleel undoubtedly learned many things about construction and fine finish work while he was enslaved in Egypt.  The point is this.  No matter whether you are in adverse circumstances, or in a job or a school you don’t like, you can and should learn.  And God can later use what you learn for his work.

Moses learned from the Egyptians the first 40 years of his life, then he learned from shepherding sheep the next 40 years, before he ever led the children of Israel out of Egypt.  David learned much from his years of tending sheep and fighting wars before he ever led Israel as their king.  Joseph learned much of what he needed to know to be the second ruler in Egypt while he was enslaved and imprisoned.  And you can learn much of what you need to know right now wherever you are.  Don’t waste this time.

God didn’t call Bezaleel by name until after he left Egypt.  Ex 31:1.  The idea is that you don’t wait until God calls you by name to start doing something for the Lord.  Build your relationship with him now.  Serve him with all your heart now.  Some people don’t get serious about God until they hear the call.  Hence, they never do anything for the Lord.

Saul learned under Gamaliel and followed zealously his fathers’ religion.  Then one day, God, who had intended to use Saul from his birth (Gal 1:15), finally called him (Acts 9). And Saul, who became Paul, worked diligently for the Lord until his death.  Paul couldn’t have done the things he did for the Lord if he had waited until he was called to get started.

David applied himself to the things of the Lord and the things God had given him to do while he was a youth.  He had a heart for God (1 Sam 13:14; 16:7).  David could have never done the things he did for God if he had waited until God had called him.

Bezaleel needed to be filled with the Spirit to work for God.  Ez 31:3-5.  Despite the fact that Bezaleel was so talented, he couldn’t have done the work called him to do without being filled with the Spirit.  The wisdom, knowledge, and understanding required to do the intricate work of the clothing and articles for the tabernacle and the priests required supernatural ability.  

Likewise, whether you play a musical instrument, teach a class, sing specials, work in the nursery, or whatever you do for the Lord, you must be filled with the Spirit to do this work well.  None of us can do what the Lord requires of us, the way God wants it done, independent of God.

Bezaleel, despite his wisdom and understanding, needed help.  Ex 31:6, Ex 36:1-4.  As good as Bezaleel was for the work, he couldn’t get it done by himself.  He needed help and God provided the help he needed.  God gave him Aholiab.  And God gave him wise hearted men to work.  

Like Bro Tom Geer said many years ago, “What we do, we do together; and many hands make light work”.  If you teach a class, for instance, get others to help you with object lessons, skits or puppets, and crafts.  That way, the children have many avenues for learning and you don’t have to do all the work alone.  The more help you get, up to a point, the better job you can do for the Lord and for those you teach, no matter what you do.

Bezaleel taught others that which God had given him.  Ex 35:34-35.  Bezaleel and Aholiab were gifted not only to work but also to teach others who could help them.  Notice that these were the ones God had filled with wisdom of heart.

When God gives you wisdom, don’t keep it all to yourself.  Pass it on.  And when you do, make sure you’re giving it to those who will do something with it.  Paul told Timothy to commit what he received to faithful men.

Those he taught were wise hearted and their hearts stirred them up.  These are the people to teach the wisdom God has given you.  Look for the wise hearted and for those who are stirred up to do something for the Lord.  They won’t waste it.

Those he taught were not looking for recognition.  Ex 38:22-23.  When the tabernacle was finished, Bezaleel and Aholiab were the ones who were “credited” with the work.  All those others who helped them weren’t even named.  Like Rachel Metzler said, “There is no limit what God can do with a servant who will not touch the glory”.  If someone you’re working with is interested in personal recognition, they aren’t going to be a good helper.

These men together made all that the Lord commanded Moses.  Ex 36:1.  Everything these men did was for the Lord and was done exactly the way God commanded Moses.  This is the kind of person God is looking to use.  He wants those who work his way, according to his commands, and for his glory.  And he wants those who will finish the job.  Be that kind of person.  Be a Bezaleel.