Be Like Cornelius, Acts 10:30-33

When I think about soul winning, I realize that we are missing one of the greatest opportunities that we have before us.  You know people who need to be saved, but you may not know how to go about leading them to the Lord.  Be like Cornelius.  Get them together with a preacher.

Cornelius wasn’t saved yet when he sent messengers to Peter to come to his home.  Nevertheless, what he did is a great example to us of what we can do.  We should be like Cornelius and invite our friends, family, or neighbors to hear the gospel.  Notice what Cornelius did.

He prayed to God, Acts 10:30-31.  “I prayed in my house” “thy prayer is heard”.  While you’re praying for people you know who don’t know the Lord, the Lord stirs you to witness to them.  Many times, I have seen the Lord clearly direct me to someone for whom I have been praying.

So, make a list of people whom you want to hear the gospel and start praying for them.  And wait on the Lord to burden your heart in particular for someone on your list.

He requested a preacher, Acts 10:32.  “Send therefore to Joppa, and call hither Simon”.  When the Lord puts a person on your heart, then call the preacher and let him know you have someone who needs to hear the gospel.

I have been invited to preach to individuals over a meal or a cup of coffee countless times.  This is a very effective way for them to hear the gospel.  The preacher knows what to say and you get to learn how to speak to people about the Lord while listening.

He scheduled a time, Acts 10:33.  “Immediately therefore I sent to thee”.  Scheduled tasks get done.  For me, I work best when I have a task, schedule the time to get it done, and work with a partner to complete the task.  In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.

Quit talking about doing this.  Instead, make the effort to get a visit with your friend and the preacher on the schedule.  This shouldn’t be “sometime next week”.  Set a specific date, time, and place, and get everyone to agree to meet there and then.

He invited guests, Acts 10:33.  “Now therefore are we all here present before God”.  Once you have set up the time and place to meet, make sure everyone is present.  Again, I have been given countless opportunities to preach to friends and family members of church members.  And on quite a few of those occasions, the person who was prayed for and invited received the Lord as their Saviour.  Be like Cornelius and arrange for them to hear the preaching of the gospel.

Conclusion: “to hear all things that are commanded thee of God”.  So, this meal or coffee shop talk is not just a meet and greet.  Rather, it is a true Spirit-led opportunity to preach the gospel.  There should be an anticipation that God will direct the conversation to the salvation of their soul.  Be like Cornelius.