Be Like a Spider, Man, Prov 30:28

In Prov 30:24-28, there are four little things that are exceeding wise.  The spider is one of them.  She “taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings’ palaces,” [Prov 30:28].  We must be like the spider.  We must hold onto good things, like Paul wrote in 1 Thes 5:21, “hold fast that which is good.”  To be like a spider you must:

Hold onto your Master – in the context of serving masters, Matt 6:24 says, “hold to the one.”  See the same thing in Lk 16:13.  When you were saved, Jesus became, not only your Savior but also, your Lord [Acts 16:31; Rom 10:9].  That is, he is your master.  Your flesh despises your new master and will try to pry you away from him.  Hold onto your Master.  The world and the devil also despise your new master and would rather you serve them than him.  Hold onto your Master.  Don’t let any enemy cause you to let go.  Take hole with your hands, Spider.  Your Master is in the king’s palace.

Hold onto eternal life – Paul told Timothy, in 1 Tim 6:12, 19, to “lay hold on eternal life.”  Before you were saved, you only had temporal life.  When you were saved, you were given eternal life.  So, after your salvation, you were supposed to begin a whole new life, your eternal life.  However, many Christians have just continued living their temporal life with all of its goals, desires, dreams, ambitions, problems, frustrations, fears, and so forth.  Don’t do that.  Hold onto eternal life, Spider, with all of its satisfaction, joy, peace, comfort, direction, hope, power, strength, fellowship and so forth.  Don’t let the cares and affections of this temporal life pull you away from your eternal life which came from the king’s palace.

Hold onto God’s words – Paul told Timothy, in 2 Tim 1:13, “hold fast the form of sound words.”  God’s sound words are found in the King James Bible.  They came from the king’s palace.  “For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven,” [Ps 119:89].  Ecc 8:4, “Where the word of a king is, there is power…”. Don’t let anyone take these words out of your hands by any means.  Be like Dodo the Ahohite, whose “hand clave unto the sword,” [2 Sam 23:9-10].  Make it so they can’t pry your hand from your sword [Heb 4:12] until you are dead.

Hold onto faith – Paul told Timothy, in 1 Tim 1:19, “holding faith and a good conscience.”  Se also 1 Tim 3:9.  So, it’s one thing to have the words of God, yet it’s a different thing to believe them and live by faith in them.  Put your faith in the Lord and in his words.  Read them daily and do what they say.  Don’t let anything or anyone shake your faith.

Hold onto your profession – Heb 10:23, “hold fast the profession of your faith without wavering.”  Other people must know what we know about how to be saved and have eternal life.  The best way for the people you know to hear is for you to tell them.  You have the Master, you have eternal life, you have God’s words, you believe and live by God’s words.  So, hold onto your profession, Spider, without wavering.  Don’t be afraid of their faces.  Tell them.

Conclusion: like a spider, hold on to these things and don’t let go.  Wherever you sense that you are losing your grip, strengthen your hold.  You’re in the king’s palace now.