Not Ashamed

Not Ashamed

Gen. 2:25


            Adam and Eve were in the presence of God, naked, and not ashamed. Will you be able to stand one day before God and not be ashamed? Saved [Rom.14:10-12] or Lost [Rev.20:11-15] we will all stand before God. If you are a child of God now, you stand before him every day, 24-7 [Prov.15:3]. Knowing this, why are we not ashamed of the things we do or think? The world around us is “shameless”; they have no shame for anything. “Anything goes”, “be yourself”, “be tolerant”. God’s word assures us, and our own consciences bear witness that we never what to be ashamed [Ps.31:1].


Reasons that should cause people to be ashamed.

  • [Ps.25:3] Because of sin [1Jn.3:4] transgression of the law – disobedience
  • [Isa.45:24] Rebellion against God, “incensed” means angered (mad at God)
  • [Eze.16:27] Lewdness – “indulgence of lust, shamelessness” the world today
  • [Isa.65:12-14] Reject God’s Mercies – ungrateful
  • [Mk.8:38] Ashamed of Jesus and the word
  • [2Cor.9:4] Unpreparedness (giving), keeping your commitments


How to avoid being Ashamed

  • [Ps.34:5] Wait on the Lord  [Ps.46:10] Be still [Ps.4:4] don’t get ahead of God
  • [Ps.119:6] Respect God’s Commandments, take them to be your authority
  • [Ps.25:20] Trust God
  • [Ps.119:80] Keep Sound Doctrine [2Tim.4:3]
  • [2 Tim2:15] Diligence of a workman
  • [1JN.2:28] Abide in Christ