As a Watch in the Night

As a Watch in the Night



A thousand years are as a watch in the night. [2 Peter 3:8] says a thousand years are as one day. [1 Thes.5:2] states that the Lord returns as a thief in the night. As we all look “for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ” [Titus 2:13], we know that it must all happen soon.


Watches in the Night – Old Testament  [Ps.63:6] [Ps.119:148]

Night – [Ps.90:4] 6pm-10pm

Middle – [Judges 7:19] 10pm-2am

Morning – [Ex.14:24] [1Sam.11:11] 2am- 6am


Watches in the Night – New Testament [Matt.24:43] Ref. to Second Advent


Even – 6pm-9pm

Midnight – 9pm-12am

Cockcrowing – 12am-3am

Morning – 3am-6am


Three watches in Old Testament and four watches in the New Testament equals a total of Seven watches, or seven thousand years.


God’s creation took six days, and then he rested on the seventh. From this we conclude that this old earth is going to be around for about 6000 years then we will have a rest of 1000 years. The Lord confirms this timeline throughout Scripture.


Genesis chapter one, “Life” shows up after the fourth day. Christ shows up after 4000 years.

[Jn.1:1-5] “In him was life”

[Jn. 3:16] “everlasting life”

[1 Jn.1:1-2] “the Word of life”

[1 Jn.5:12-13] “eternal life”


[Jn.4:39-43] a picture of with the gentiles for 2 days (2000 years – church age) then back to the Jews.


[Ex.19:10-11] a picture of 2 days of preparation then the Lord comes down. The Church age then rapture.


[Matt.17:1-5] The mount of transfiguration. A picture of the second advent. “After six days…”


[Jn. 11:1-7] Lazarus is a Type of Israel, abode two days, go to Judea again- second advent


As you read your Bible you will see over and over that Scripture confirms this Completion being Seven, and we have completed Six, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus”.