Are You Pleasing God?

Are You Pleasing God?



All things are and were created for His pleasure. Are you pleasing God? Do you know what pleases God? The Bible says that He is worthy to receive Glory, honour and power, these things please God. Let’s look at the scripture and define a few things that God finds pleasure in.

[Eph.6:5-7] Make sure that you are not trying to please men, but truly pleasing God.


  • It’s all about Him and not about you! Who’s getting the glory?
  • [Eph.1:12, 14] to the praise of His glory
  • [Phil.1:9-11] should be filled with the fruits of righteousness because of Jesus Christ
  • [Gal.5:26] If glory is not directed to God it is vain glory (American idol) and Satan is getting glorified
  • [Prov.25:27] never seeking your own glory, [2Sam.6:6-7] Ask Uzzah about touching God’s Glory
  • Is God getting glory from your life? or is it all about you?


  • [1 Chr.29:17] Your Uprightness, living a God honoring life
  • [Prov.11:20] the upright are His delight
  • [John 14:15] Obedience is the proof of your love for God
  • [1Jn.5:3] obedience is not Grievous
  • [Heb.12:4] resisted unto blood yet?
  • Are you really living a God Honoring Life?


  • [Ps.147:11] Your Fear and Your Hope in His mercy
  • [Col.2:10] the head of all power
  • [Matt.28:18] All power is given unto him
  • [Eph.6:10] are you using the God’s power in your daily life?
  • [Deu.8:17-18] it’s not your power, but His.
  • [Ps.35:27] your prosperity pleases God
  • [1Cor.2:5] Your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God
  • Can others see the power of God in your life?


If you wish to please God, make sure that He is getting the glory, honour, and power from the life you are living. Start somewhere, read what David wrote in Ps.145:1-13, and start by agreeing with him.