An Hundredfold Now Matt.19:16-30

An Hundredfold Now Matt.19:16-30  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Jesus said that a man who forsook house, parents, brethren, wife or children for the kingdom of God’s sake would receive an hundredfold now in this time… with persecutions, and in the world to come eternal life [Lk 18:29-30; Mk 10:29-30].  We want to look at the discourse between the rich man and Jesus that resulted in this statement and see if we can learn some things about why this man turned down Jesus’ offer.  We also want to learn from this text some things that will encourage us in our work for the Lord.

When you come to the Lord you lose some things [Matt 16:24-25].  This man turned down Jesus’ offer because he would:

Lose his religion – he asked the Lord “Which?” in Matt 19:18 referring to which commandments he was supposed to keep – in religion you do those commandments you want to do to justify yourself – he was only doing the commandments that he could do – but not all – in eternal life [Matt 19:16-17] you have to do all the Lord tells you – the Lord told him to sell his possessions and give them to the poor – in so doing he would have fulfilled the other commandments that he wasn’t keeping [primarily the first and the tenth].

Lose his wealth – Jesus said “sell that thou hast” in Matt 19:21 – he had great possessions, Matt 19:22; he was very rich, Lk 18:23 – and he did not want to part with his wealth – yet Jesus parted with his [2 Cor 8:9].  He didn’t ask this man to do anything he hadn’t done.

Lose his status – Jesus said “give to the poor” in Matt 19:21 – now the poor would have his wealth and he would have nothing – he would become what they are and no rich man wants to become a poor man – yet Jesus became a poor man, Matt 8:20.

Lose his ease – Jesus said, “take up the cross” in Mk 10:21– the rich man was a young man, Matt 19:20 and the last thing a young man wants is a cross – yet Jesus died as a young man [he was only 33 years old].

Lose his rule – Jesus said, “follow me” in Matt 19:21– the rich man was a ruler, Lk 18:18 – he was used to being in charge and now he was going to have to follow orders – he wasn’t willing to do that, yet Jesus did, Phil 2:5-8.

If he had accepted Jesus’ offer, what would he have received in return?

Eternal life – Jesus said, “in heaven” in Matt 19:21, 29 – this was the original question the young man asked and he knew that up to Matt 19:20 Jesus hadn’t answered it – he asked Jesus, “what lack I yet?”

Eternal Wealth – “treasure in heaven” – the Lord repays gifts to the poor, Prov 19:17 – in heaven we will be joint heirs with Jesus – in the parable of the pounds, the one with 10 pounds got to keep them and he also got the 1 from the wicked servant – this ruler wasn’t going to get to keep his wealth by holding on to it, 1 Tim 6:7.

An Hundredfold Now – Matt 19:29, Mk 10:30, Lk 18:30 – consider how many brethren Paul had in the ministry – consider all the people he mentions in his letters – how many real “family” did this rich, young ruler really have?  Few to none!! We have been blessed with a hundredfold of brothers and sisters in this church.  Yet, notice that Paul says “with persecution.”

Eternal Rule – Matt 19:27-28 – how likely were any of Jesus’ disciples to rule anything? Not at all until they became Jesus’ disciples.  This ruler would have gotten to reign with Jesus on earth in his kingdom, Rev 5:10.