According to Truth Gen. 24:27

According to Truth Gen. 24:27 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The word truth needs to be defined – the archaic meaning is “the quality or state of being faithful: fidelity; constancy – sincerity in character, action and speech: truthfulness; honesty” – this definition fits the Lord – oftentimes in the Bible, it is evident from the context that the definition intended is the archaic meaning – for instance, two of the most notable qualities of the Lord are his mercy and truth [Gen 24:27; Ex 34:6; Ps 25:10] –  truth also means “something that is true or held to be true” [which is the usual definition that we have for the word truth] and this definition fits his word – you can see then that the Lord’s character and his word are truth.

Now, there are certain things in the Bible that the Lord does according to truth. 

God judges sinners according to truth – Rom 2:2 – the Lord’s judgment is in his word – you already know how he is going to judge anything you think, do or say – it’s like taking an open book quiz.

God extends mercy according to truth – Prov 16:6; 1 Ki 3:6 – when you admit the truth God extends the mercy – most people naturally lie in order to get mercy – but with God, mercy is in the truth – the Lord is mercy and truth and so you need to be truth to get the mercy – the Lord’s mercy and truth are balanced – Ps 51:6 – it is through the Lord’s mercy that we receive pardon for our sins.

God makes us free according to truth – Jn 8:32 – freedom from the bondage of sin is in the truth – in A. A. the support group talks about “honesty” – when they see that you are not being honest they call you on it – if you choose to lie they know you are fixing to get high or drunk again – concerning our relationship to the Lord and to sin in our lives, you must agree with the truth in the Bible and therein is your freedom – the devil lies and keeps you in bondage with the lie – we say about a fellow like that, “he’s in the dark” – in other words, you must be in truth to receive forgiveness for your sin and you must be in truth to be made free from your sin.

God leads us according to truth – Ps 25:5 – God never leads contrary to truth – when you get in the truth you will know the way to go – Ps 86:11 – Charismatics who violate the scriptural rules on tongues are not being led by the Lord – pastors who correct the Bible and profess that it contains errors raise themselves or their friends above the authority of the words of God and are, thus, not being led by the Lord.

God grants repentance according to truth – 2 Tim 2:25-26 – the Lord will give you repentance only when you acknowledge the truth – in other words, as you are being led by the Lord, you may get off track and be ensnared by the devil – you will remain in his captivity as long as you refuse to acknowledge the truth.

Conclusion: Our lives depend upon God’s truth, which is that he will be faithful to his promises and words, and upon the truth of his words, which is that his words are absolutely true and accomplish exactly what they say they will.