Abound in Diligence, 2 Cor 8:7

When Paul wrote the Corinthians about their offering for the poor saints in Jerusalem, he complimented them on abounding in some wonderful things he could see in the congregation.  From what he wrote, we see our own need to abound in diligence.

In 2 Cor 8:7, they abounded in faith and in their love to Paul and his helpers, like the Thessalonians, 1 Thes 1:3.  They abounded in utterance, and in knowledge, by the grace of God, 1 Cor 1:4-8.  And they abounded in diligence.  Likewise, he wanted them to abound in giving as they had abounded in these other areas of their lives. 

As they abounded in diligence, likewise, we need to abound in diligence.  Diligence is steady, earnest, and energetic effort: devoted and painstaking work and application to accomplish an undertaking.

To what do we need to abound in diligence?

To hearken to the voice of God – Ex 15:26.  Hearken is to listen.  The Lord wants us to listen to his voice in his written words and to observe to do what he said.  See Deut 28:1.  We cannot be casual in this work.  We must abound in diligence when we read, study, and obey his words.

To teach your children – Deut 6:7.  It is so hard to find the time these days to do the things we already have to do.  Nevertheless, we must be diligent to teach our children these things in the words of God that he is showing us.  And when we teach in church we need to teach like Apollos in Acts 18:25.

To keep your heart – Prov 4:23.  From the context, beginning in verse 20, we see the need to carefully guard our ears and eyes in order to keep our hearts.  Today, Christians are hearing and seeing too many things that are adversely affecting the heart.  We must abound in diligence to keep our hearts from the evil influences of the world. See A Good Heart.

To do your business – Prov 22:29.  See also Prov 12:24, 13:4, 21:5, and 27:23.  Since you serve the Lord Christ, you should be diligent in your business.  You are standing before your king.  Of all the people working today, Christians should stand out among them as the most diligent in business.  We have the greatest boss.

To grow spiritually – 2 Pet 1:5.  See the context in verse 3-9.  Spiritual growth is not accomplished merely with the passing of time, i.e., the longer you have been saved the more you will have grown.  Spiritual growth requires diligence.  You must add to your faith the things Peter listed in this passage.  You will spend your lifetime growing, if you follow what he wrote.  And your life will be abundantly fruitful.