A Tamed Tongue

A Tamed Tongue

James 3:1-10

The Bible says “the tongue can no man tame”. But scripture definitely encourages us to try to have a tamed tongue. Most of the trouble that I get myself into is due to an unruly tongue. [Prov.17:28] states: “he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.” It’s hard to live your life with your mouth closed!

Choice Tongue  [Prov.10:20] the “just” shall have such a tongue.

  • [Rom.1:17] “The just shall live by faith” that’s you!
  • “as choice silver” Today silver is graded from “fine” to “coin”, but meat is graded as choice; there is prime, choice, and select. [Rom.12:1-2] identifies three wills of God, good, acceptable and perfect. Acceptable would match up with choice and is “reasonable”. We should be able to tame it down to acceptable.

Wise Tongue     [Prov.15:2] he knows what to say and how and when to say it.

  • [Prov.15:23] in due season, the right timing, what a joy!
  • [Prov.25:11] like apples of gold in pictures of silver, a perfect fit!

Wholesome Tongue      [Prov.15:4] is a tree of life (healthy)

  • Promotes wholesome advice, doctrines, and truths, to help others

Kind Tongue      [Prov.31:26] kindness rules

  • Unlike  in James chapter 3
  • Purpose to build up not tear down [Eph.4:29], to edify others

Confessing Tongue         [Phil.2:11] “that Jesus Christ is Lord”

  • A requirement to be “just” [Rom.10:9-10]
  • A requirement to stay in fellowship [1 John1:9]
  • A requirement at the judgement [Rom.14:11] “shall give account”
  • A requirement of a witness [Acts 1:8], to tell others

Scriptural Tongue            [Ps.119:172] “shall speak of thy word”

  • [Deu.6:6-7] they should be part of your daily conversation, should be a natural response.

Taught Tongue     [Jer.1:4-9] given by God to be given to others

  • [Deu.6:7] teach them to thy children [Deu.4:9-10] seen and heard
  • [2 Tim.2:2] teach others also