A Servant of God, Ps 105

In Ps 105, three times we find a reference to a servant of God.  Ps 105:6, Abraham as a servant.  In Ps 105:17, Joseph was a servant.  Ps 105:26, Moses was a servant.  We know these men very well from our Bible.  But they each had to endure some things as a servant of God.  And these things they endured are likely the reason that more of God’s children are not servants of God.  A servant of God:

Endures Separation.  Abraham had to separate from his family in Gen 12.  And then, after spending time in Egypt, he had to separate from his nephew, Lot, Gen 13.  And then, after Sarah weaned Isaac, Abraham had to separate from his son, Ishmael.  Joseph was separated from his brothers, Gen 49:26.  Moses separated himself from the royal household of Pharaoh, Heb 11:24-26.  When you yield yourself to serve God, he may separate you from people who are close to you.  It’s very likely that more Christians would be servants if it weren’t for separation.

Endures Trial.  God tried Abraham when He told him to sacrifice Isaac, Gen 22.  The word of the Lord tried Joseph all those years he was in slavery and prison, Ps 105:19.  Moses suffered a great trial through the 40-year wilderness journey with Israel, constantly enduring their murmuring and complaining.  As a matter of record, he didn’t pass the test at the waters of Meribah, when he struck the rock twice, Num 20:8-13.  The testing of servant doesn’t always go well.  And it is often the trial that keeps a Christian from becoming a servant of God.

Endures Selflessness.  Abraham was totally selfless when he attacked the enemies who captured Lot.  He recovered all the families and the stolen possessions from Sodom and Gomorrah, Gen 14.  And he wouldn’t take even a shoe latchet as a reward for his efforts.  Joseph was totally selfless when he received his brothers in Egypt.  Moses interceded for Israel every time there was a plague against them.  He literally fell on his face before God on their behalf.  Most Christians aren’t this selfless, and, therefore, aren’t willing to be this kind of servant of God.

You may wonder how these men were able to endure the separation, the trial, and the selflessness.  A servant of God:

Serves with Faith.  Abraham believed God when he told him that his seed would be as the stars of heaven for multitude.  So, when the Lord told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, Abraham knew that God would intervene with a substitute or a resurrection, Gen 22:5, 22:8, 22:13; Jn 8:56; Heb 11:17-19.  Joseph didn’t hold his brothers’ evil deed against them.  Rather, he confessed that God sent him to Egypt before them to provide for their future safety, Gen 50:16-21.  He believed the dreams and saw their fulfillment.  Moses obviously believed God and his words; he wrote the first five books of the Bible.  Look what he wrote in Deut 30:14.

Even still, you might wonder why someone should want to sacrifice so much to serve the Lord.  A servant of God:

Receives a Blessing.  Abraham believed God and served God and James called him, the Friend of God, Jas 2:23.  Joseph is the greatest type of Jesus Christ in the entire Bible.  He typifies Jesus Christ in 175 particulars.  God spoke with Moses face to face, Ex 33:11, and mouth to mouth, Num 12:8.  You see, when you are a servant of God like these men were, God blesses you a very special relationship with him.  And this is a blessing.

Receives a Reward.  Abraham received a covenant from God that included the birth of Jesus Christ and the promise of land to a thousand generations, Gal 3:16-17, Ps 105:8-11.  Joseph received a double portion of Jacob’s inheritance, and his two sons divided the land along with Jacob’s other direct descendants, Gen 48:15-22.  Moses is one of the two anointed ones who stand before the Lord of the earth, Zech 4:11-14. He will prophesy with Elijah as one of the two witnesses in the Tribulation, Rev 11. And he will undoubtedly sit on one of the two seats next to Jesus in his kingdom, Matt 20:20-23.

We must remember that the greatest servant of all time was the Lord Jesus Christ, Phil 2:5-8.  He was separated from his Father, Matt 27:46, he was tried, Matt 4:1-11, and he was selfless, Matt 26:39.  Yet, God has exalted him above everyone and everything else in the universe, Phil 2:9-11.  

Conclusion: Paul said that we should let this mind of a servant that was in Jesus be in us, Phil 2:5.  Don’t you realize that when you become a servant of God, you will be blessed with a very close relationship to the Lord.  And you will be rewarded as a joint-heir with Jesus Christ.  

For those of you who are serving the Lord, may you be encouraged to keep on serving him faithfully.  And for those of you who aren’t, won’t you decide to serve him today? For another good reason to serve the Lord, see The Servants of God Win.