A Faithful Man Shall Abound With Blessings

We have preached many times on the need to be faithful.  Today, we want to preach from Prov 28:20, that “a faithful man shall abound with blessings”.

Faithful is defined as “firm in adherence to the truth and to the duties of religion.  Firmly adhering to duty; of true fidelity; loyal, true to allegiance; as a faithful subject.  Constant in the performance of services; exact in attending to commands, as a faithful servant”.

Several things are implied in these definitions.

When a person is faithful, he is faithful “to” something or someone.  “Adherence to”.  Like Abraham was faithful to God and to the promise of the seed and the promise of inheritance.

A faithful person is firm and constant.  “Firmly adhering to duty”.  “Constant in the performance”.  This suggests that faithfulness will stand a test or trial.  And trials are necessary to reveal his faithfulness.  “True fidelity, loyal, true to allegiance”.  Tested against something that could cause him to defect or cheat or cut corners, like the unjust steward.  Consider the test of Abraham sacrificing Isaac.

Faithfulness also stands the test of time.  “True fidelity; loyal”.  He will remain faithful over the long haul and through trials.  That’s why this man is juxtaposed with “he that maketh haste to be rich”.  So, as long as that something or someone is still around, the faithful man is faithful to it or him.  If he ceases to adhere to that thing or person, assuming he should adhere, he is not really faithful.

“A faithful man will abound with blessings” implies that the blessings will come later as a consequence of his faithfulness.  A man who is faithful to God, over a period of time, through trials and tests will abound with blessings in the end.

We see Joseph abound with blessings, Gen 49:25-26.  He was faithful to God and to the dreams he was given in his youth.  And God blessed him with authority and fulfillment of the dreams and a double portion of the inheritance Jacob left to his children (the blessing).

In Rev 2:10, 13 Tribulation martyrs endure the test of their faith and receive the crown of life.  The blessing comes after the trial.  Some don’t get the blessing because they aren’t faithful to death.

For us, today, we need to be faithful to the Lord, the King James Bible, God’s Holy word, sound doctrine, spiritual music, the gospel of Jesus Christ, missions, and each other.  In time, you will abound with blessings which will far outweigh any “riches” you could obtain by haste.