A Different Perspective Luke 4:5-6

A Different Perspective Luke 4:5-6 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We need a different perspective to be able to understand the things going on before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We need to remember that the devil is running all the kingdoms of the world [Lk 4:5-6] and that the devil is the god of this world [2 Cor 4:4].

We get the idea that this world is God’s world because he made it, because the earth is his footstool and because the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen.

But the truth is that the devil is not doing bad things in God’s good world but God is doing good things in the devil’s evil world.  God and the devil are absolutely opposed and the devil is the one who is running things down here in this wicked world.

The sin of Adam unleashed untold corruption on this world [Rom 5:12; 8:19-23].  Yet as wicked as the world is, God does something good in this mess.   However, he is not trying to return this country to its biblical roots.  When we have a “good” president he simply sets the country up for the next “bad” president.  And things just continue to get worse.

So, what are we supposed to do?  Preach the word [Mk 16:15] and shine as lights in the world [Phil 2:15] and be not conformed to this world [Rom 12:2] and love not the world [1 Jn 2:15] and remember that when they hate you they hated Christ first [Jn 15:18].

Don’t play footsies with the world to have greater influence – using the world’s methods to gain spirituality is from the devil – Jesus said, “I am the light of world” – Jesus told Israel, “ye are the light of world” – and he told us to shine as lights and preach the gospel – our effect then is on individual souls and not on the world.

The devil came to steal, kill and destroy [Jn 10:10] – so when you see ISIS killing people remember that Hitler was here before them – the devil’s in charge – and though the Bible says that “the king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of waters: he turneth withersoever he will” [Prov 21:1] remember who he had to work with: Pharaoh, Sennacherib, Alexander, Caesar and so forth – Rom 9:17 says that God raised Pharaoh up because he needed a wicked, hard-hearted king who would oppose the plagues and cause the destruction of Egypt by his stubborn resistance.

Jesus told us to hate our lives in this world – don’t hold out hope for a better politician to fix this mess – the devil destroys – eventually all nations will gather against Israel – it’s like God playing chess with the devil – God knows the moves the devil will make in order to have the right people in place to accomplish His will – Pilate’s power came from above [Jn 19:10-11] – therefore, don’t revile the ruler – honour the king – even though they are wicked, God uses them.

Do you realize what the Lord did?  He promised Abraham that his seed would be as the stars of heaven in number – He gave him Isaac miraculously and then in Gen 22 He told Abraham to kill him – according to Heb 11:17-19 Abraham knew that there would be a resurrection in order for God to fulfill his promise – therefore, we see that life is not about accumulation of wealth and advancing our influence down here – we become heirs of the world with Abraham only when we rise from the dead – when we obtain something before the millennial reign of Jesus, the devil just screws it up – sending Jews to Israel now is a death trap – Jesus needs to establish the peace – they need to receive him as their Messiah first – when the Jews forsook Jesus, the gospel opened to the Gentiles – when we get saved we become joint heirs with Jesus – you look at the wrong stuff when look at the world today and forget that our inheritance is in the future.

If what is on the other side is what we are waiting for why wouldn’t you want to be with the Lord right now?  I realize that we must take care of the temple of the Holy Ghost – but it doesn’t make any difference about the size of your house or the beauty and speed of your car – we are not here for those things – thank God we’re getting out of here – be careful about getting wrapped up down here.

Billy Graham was a spirit-filled man when he began preaching – he began to have big campaigns and many decisions for Christ – but then he got “puffed” and he started cooperating with any kind of church to keep the meetings big and softened the gospel to keep the number of decisions up – I believe he later questioned whether 50% of those making decisions for Christ were really saved – when the Spirit of God isn’t winning them you make a big mistake to use worldly techniques to get up crowds and decisions.

When men started producing modern Bibles they inserted language the world can understand – the devil got in those translations and worldliness is the result – we’ve ended up with mega churches – the idea behind them is “God’s not getting it done so we’ll do it” – that’s the devil – that’s apostasy – they are not shining lights in the world but rather their worldly lights are shining – when you start preaching worldly you get your people deeper into the world.

Don’t panic over economic disaster – don’t lose perspective; the devil is running the show – chaos results – I realize that God sent the flood but he also sent his Son [Jn 3:16] – he came to save the world but not with green energy and clean water and the end of wars – he brought a sword that divided a father and son and a mother and daughter over who would follow the world and the devil and who would follow Christ – the devil started his destruction in Gen 4 when Cain killed Abel and the killing goes until Armageddon – you can’t stop it – bad news should not surprise you; good news should.

Go find a soul and get him out of here with the gospel – shine as lights in the world so they can see what a real Christian looks like – keep putting out tracts and Bibles – and don’t let the darkness of the world put your light out!!