A Clean Home

A Clean Home



What we are at home is a test of who we really are. Can you really judge book by its cover? Most of us come to church and are judged by “our cover”. How are we at home, where we are not on display? In this lesson we need to look at some examples of what we should be at home.


[1Tim.5:4] We should first shew piety at home. If you have any fear of God, love of God, or obedience toward the things of God, truly they should be manifested at home first, not just at church.

  • Your parents know you better than you know yourself
  • Your wife knows (you fight all the way to church, then jump out of the car blessing God!)
  • Your children know ( they learn to be a hypocrite from you)
[Mark 5:19] We should be telling our family and friends “what great things the Lord hath done for thee”

  • Your testimony starts at home
  • Your personal witness starts at home
[Luke 19:5] We should be ready at all times to have Jesus Christ abide at our home

  • Usually we must really clean house or hide things when we have visitors show up.
  • Our home should be ready and open to a visit from the Lord. He’s there already!
  • What things would you need to clean up?
  • What things do you think that you could hide? (secret sins)
[Heb.3:2, 5] We should be faithful at home

  • Faithful to your wife and children (spiritual leadership, physical provisions)
  • Faithful to your family [Prov.1:8, 23:22]
  • Faithful to God [Col.3:17][1Jn.3:18]
[Acts 10:2] We should fear God with all our house

  • Children must learn to fear their father so they will understand a fear of God later
  • A wife will trust, respect, and obey a man who fears God [1 Pet. 3:5-6]
  • A woman that fears god shall be praised [Prov.31:31]