A Biblical Worldview

A Biblical Woldview 2 Cor 4:18 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Text: 2 Cor 4:18.  We have often heard people talk about a secular world view or a Biblical world view and what they are referring to is the view that determines how they see science, history, moral issues, and so forth.  Today, let’s examine this Biblical worldview from an entirely different perspective.  Instead of looking at things and then looking at the Bible to see what it has to say about those things, let’s look at those things through the words of God.  Imagine holding the Bible up to your face and then looking through it at the things in the world. Of course, you can’t literally see through the pages, but the idea is well illustrated.  In other words, let the Bible be the words you always see and let it filter everything in the world that you see through the words of that book.

This kind of Biblical worldview gives you:

Clear Insight into the Future – Heb 11:8-10, 13 – in spite of never receiving the promises, Abe looked for a city – turns out this is New Jerusalem [foundations] – v.13 says “having seen them afar off” – they could see the promises by looking through the words of God – all Lot saw was a good place to raise cattle – look at Heb 11:17-19 Abe could see all the way to the resurrection when he looked at the sacrifice of Isaac through the promise of God [v.18] – Jesus said in Jn 8:56, he saw Jesus’ day right through the promises – if you hold this book up and look through it you’re going to see some things coming that no one else but a true Bible believer is ever going to see – if Abe knew to look for a city just imagine how clear the view of New Jerusalem should be for you – you can see the Rapture, the Judgment Seat of Christ, the marriage of the Lamb, the Second Coming of Jesus, the restoration of the earth and Israel, and on and on.

Clear Insight into Temptations – Gen 2:17 – if Eve had filtered her view of the tree with the word of God [death] she could have seen the death of the innocent lamb, the murder of Abel, the flood, the drowning babies in Egypt, the Holocaust, the death of 94,000,000 Russians at the hands of Stalin, war, disease, pestilence, natural disasters, Armageddon – but she didn’t filter the temptation with the promise of God – when you are tempted, you should look through the book – how about a young man flattered by a lady, Prov 7:21-27 – or a man tempted with drink, Prov 23:29-35 – or a fellow tempted by a get rich scheme, Prov 13:11 wealth by vanity, Prov 28:22 hasteth to be rich – or a couple getting unequally yoked Amos 3:3, Mk 3:25 house divided against itself – or a man tempted by pride or anger or a loose tongue or a woman hanging on to bitterness or covetousness – take a look in the book and filter what’s out there before you decide to jump in over your head.

Clear Insight into God’s Promises – Rom 12:1-2 – what does it take to prove the perfect will of God – present your body a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God – be not conformed to this world – be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind – now that passage goes right into the what the members in the body of Christ do – if you are a giver look at the promise in Phil 4:19 – here’s another Phil 4:13 [context contentment] – Heb 13:5 I will never leave thee nor forsake thee – look through the book and you can see him there – Job went through a terrible trial and attack by the devil – eventually, he humbled himself and the deal was off – that’s Jas 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you [humility first].