Lazy Christians Prov. 24: 30-34

Lazy Christians Prov. 24:30-34 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

 This is an admonition to a farmer to work his field and vineyard – by sleeping too much, he has neglected his field  and vineyard – it has grown over with thorns and nettles sucking the nutrients and moisture out of the soil, shading the crop and making it impossible to tend and harvest – wall has fallen down so beasts of the field get in and trample the crop and eat the produce – crop failure – poverty – he “wants” like a hobo or a thief that uses his gun to get what he needs.

This is also an excellent picture of Lazy Christians and churches today – in Rev 3:17, the church of the Laodiceans is asked, “Knowest not that thou art… poor?” – It may look like to your eyes that this church is rich and increased with goods but it is poor in God’s eyes.

So, why was this farmer’s field destroyed?  And how does this picture why churches fail?

He got lazyslothful – Prov 12:24 he quit serving God and started serving mammon instead of God – Prov 19:24 he quit feeding on the word of God – Prov 21:25 he quit laboring (lots of program work going on but not much HARVEST work going on – Prov 22:13 he quit publicly ministering and quit fighting the enemy, the LION (devil) out in the streets [God gave you the whole armor to fight] – Prov 26:14 he quit getting out of bed (he took his ease in Zion – his creature comforts became too good)

He got out of his Biblevoid of understanding – if you put that book down you will be no good in the work of the Lord – you can be busy but your vineyard and field are going to look like this farmer’s.

He got into sinnettles and thorns – pictures the effects of the curse following the fall – Paul spent a great deal of time preaching sin out of people – let those secret sins creep up in your life like a creeping thorny vine and they will destroy your harvest – also in the parable of sower these thorns picture the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, the lust of other things – sin has crept into the churches and the harvest is dwindling.

He let his wall fall downstone wall – we have been given the wall of separation – a lazy Christian lets the world into his home and pastors let the world into churches – thus, the harvest is shot and the church is poor – you cannot even see it.

He fell asleep – Rom 13:11 – Paul’s admonition is to wake up – you’ve been lulled to sleep – it doesn’t take much just a little sleep a little folding of the hands – most Christians can’t stay in church for more than an hour without getting fidgety and very uncomfortable [30 minute sermon and out by 12:00] – they’re looking for that bed of ease.

Conclusion: Now, Solomon in v. 32 SAW and CONSIDERED WELL and received instruction – are you going to receive instruction and really consider your own life and the life of your church – if you find that you have become LAZY, then Wake UP!!!