Boaz a Type of Christ

Ruth 2-4 Boaz a Type of Christ CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Ruth and Boaz represent many types of the Church and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Today, we will study Boaz as a type of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Boaz was a “mighty man of wealth” – 2:1 – see 2 Cor 8:9 and Phil 2:6 where the Lord Jesus Christ had been likewise wealthy, though he humbled himself to poverty here as our  Savior.

Boaz provided all her needs – 2:8-9, 14-16 – see Phil 4:19 and Matt6:31-34 where the Lord supplies all our needs.

Boaz comforted her – 2:12-13 – see Jn 14:18 where the Lord promises to comfort us.

Boaz was a near kinsman – 2:20 – see Heb 2:11 where Jesus is not ashamed to call us “brethren” because he became a man in flesh like us [Heb2:16-18].

Boaz redeemed his bride – 4:10 – see Acts 20:28 where the Lord Jesus Christ purchased the Church with his own blood [Rev 5:9].

Boaz married his bride –4:13 – see Rev 19:7-9 where the Lord marries the Church.