A Prudent Man Foreseeth the Evil Prov. 22: 3

The Prudent Hide Themselves Prov. 22:3 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

A prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself – here is a man that looks far enough down the road to see a danger and then takes precautions to keep from getting hurt or killed – a simple man just keeps right on going into the danger and winds up in big trouble – in foreseeing the evil:

The great day of evil that is coming is the white throne judgment – Rev 20 – A prudent man will recognize the problem and hide himself in Jesus Christ, Col 3:3 – the simple will go right on to face that day without ever taking any more precaution than to profess his own self-righteousness and then wait on the judgment to see how it turns out.

You already know how it is going to turn out – God told you if you weren’t so simple as to ignore him – WHOSOEVER!! (contrast Rom 10:13 with Rev 20:15)

Another great day of evil is the second coming of Jesus – Simple men will try to hide then but they will hide in the wrong place and it will be too late Rev 6:15-17 – the evil is 2 Thes 1:7-9.

Again the only prudent thing to do is to believe Jesus and do what God said to protect yourself (you’ll go up in the rapture) – in the Tribulation a man will have to believe Jesus and keep the commandments of God – Rev 12:17, Rev 14:12 – quit following the masses right down into hell, Rev 14:9-11.

Look at these cases where the simple were punished:

There was evil coming to Sodom and Gomorrah and simple minded Lot should have known what to expect – he started out in the plain Gen 13 and ended up in the gate Gen 19 – lost everything in the fire – he should have stayed up in the mountain like Abraham did – that’s where he ended up anyway.

There was evil coming to Jericho and Rahab knew it and took the necessary precautions – she and her family hid in her house – Josh 2 and 6:17 – the simple just stood there staring over the wall and wondered what to do until they were punished.

The Pharisees believed that they could just keep right on going to the temple after they killed Jesus and they were wrong – everything was destroyed by Titus just like Jesus said – so they should have believed him – those who did still had a place to offer sacrifices that God would accept (Heb 13) while the Pharisees died and went to hell (Matt 23)

Conclusion: So how about it are you going to be prudent or simple – spelled STUPID – Jesus has told you what to expect so count on it and hide in him!!  Look at the condition of your life and tell yourself that you need to receive Jesus to make it to heaven – that is such a no-brainer precaution – if you are going to believe the weather man (wrong 50% of the time) and make preparations for a hurricane then why not believe Jesus (right 100% of the time) and make preparations for his coming storm (2 Pet 3 fire).