Train Leaders

Train Leaders 2 Tim. 2:2 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In order to fulfill 2 Tim 2:2, you must train leaders.

Train the ones who are:

Teachable – “Heard of me” – see Phil 4:9, learned, received, heard, seen in me do – so this type of teaching and training is caught not just taught – you’d better practice what you preach – others are watching.

Balanced – “Among many witnesses” – see 2 Tim 3:10-17 – the things Paul was doing everywhere, not the off shoot stuff – hyperdispensationalists are just dealing with fringe doctrine – there’s always the desire to find some new thing – the basic old doctrine is what feeds people and gets them going – the Christian Growth class is helping all of us.

Trusted – “Commit” – to commit something to someone is to give it to them in charge or trust; to deliver it to them for safekeeping – the same gospel that was entrusted to Timothy is the one that has been entrusted to us – we need to keep it that way.

Faithful – “Faithful men” – this is the key – if you have faithful people in your church then you want to pray that God will make them willing-hearted to do more – then watch as they begin to do the very thing that you train them to do and God will use them to do – you can spend too much time with details and you can spend too much time with high-maintenance Christians – you need to find faithful men and build upon their faithfulness.

Leaders – “Teach others also” – you want them to reproduce themselves in others – that really takes some training – train them to be good enough to do what you’ve trained them to do and to train others to do it just like you taught them – you are building leaders, not assistants – too many young men are trying their hand on the mission field – many of them couldn’t even get a church off the ground in the States – they have no business going – they are assistants, not leaders – but you can train them to be leaders if they have leadership capabilities – keep them around long enough to be good leaders.