Safety is of the Lord II Prov. 21: 31

Safety is of the Lord II Prov. 21:31  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Safety is of the Lord.  The cross reference for today is 2 Chr 20.

This episode in Israel demonstrates as well as any passage or any event in history that safety is of the Lord.  We should endeavor to follow exactly what Jehoshaphat did, not only individually but as a country.  The trouble is that in this country we are getting further from the Lord and it is suddenly unconstitutional to do some of these things.  So, how are we ever going to have safety?

In any situation where you are fending off an attack, you need to:

Set yourself to seek the Lord – 2 Chr 20:3 – because you don’t know whether the enemy has been sent from the Lord to discipline you or from another source to destroy you.

Ask the Lord for help – 2 Chr 20:4 – the greatest warrior of all time is the Lord – Ex 15.

Claim God’s promises – 2 Chr 20:9, 20 – Rom 8:28, Heb 13:5, Matt 11:28, Eph 6:10-18, Rom 8:37.

Trust the Lord – 2 Chr 20:12-13 – even though he had an army of 1,160,000 – 2 Chr 17:12-18 – 2 Chr 20:15, 17 the Lord would do the fighting for them.

Not be afraid – 2 Chr 20:15

Worship the Lord – 2 Chr 20:18-19, 21

Conclusion: This is the best way to gain the victory – 2 Chr 20:22-25