There is No Wisdom Against the Lord Prov. 21: 30

No Wisdom Against theLord Prov. 21:30 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There is no wisdom against the Lord.  When it comes to making decisions at any level, this verse needs to be remembered.  There is NO wisdom, NO understanding, and NO counsel against the Lord.  If you follow wisdom or understanding or counsel against the Lord you will wind up destroyed.

If you want your decisions to work out you must always see where God stands on a thing and go his way.  Solomon prayed for wisdom and understanding and as he followed it he prospered.  If you don’t follow God’s wisdom you are destined for failure.  When Solomon rejected the wisdom of God, he failed.

Wisdom – Jas 3 describes two different kinds of wisdom: earthly, sensual devilish wisdom and wisdom that comes from God (Jas 1:5 and Jas 3).  The results of following these two are decidedly different.  Get the wisdom that comes from God.  If the wisdom you have is not from the Lord then it is by definition NO wisdom – it would be like the worldly wisdom of 1 Cor 1:19-31.

The wisdom that says the war on drugs is won by saying “no” is not wisdom – that program isn’t working.  The war on drugs is won by stopping the drugs and the pushers and by regenerating the soul so that the spirit of God can war against the lust of the flesh and win.  That’s also true of alcohol (eliminate it).  It’s the same with sex; you don’t win by distributing condoms to kids.

The wisdom that says we will have world peace by killing our enemies or by prayer or by democracy or by education and elimination of poverty is wrong (the rich are richer and the poor are still here).  World peace comes by Jesus.  But he is not welcome in many places where he can have influence.  So, he will just have to come back and take over.

Understanding – like wisdom, it is connected to the Lord and his righteousness (Job 28:28).  Today we see more and more legalized immorality.  The understanding is getting further from the Lord because the people are not departing from evil.  Understanding comes from the Lord Prov 4:7.  There many ideas portrayed as understanding that are not understanding.  For instance, science that concludes that evolution explains the origin of the species is not understanding, it is foolishness (Rom 1).  Attempting to understand the nature of men without taking into consideration what God knows about us (Jn 2:25) is ignorance.

Counsel – the greatest counsel is from the Lord and the second greatest is from Spirit-filled men who speak “as the oracles of God.”  Their counsel is scriptural though it may not be scripture.  Counsel that is against scripture is NO counsel!!  Deut 32:28-29.  I’ll give you some godly counsel: “Consider your latter end.”  Get in the book, get saved, and follow the commands of God.