Contentious Wife Prov. 21: 9

A Contentious Wife Prov. 21:9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Read Prov 21:9 with Prov 21:19 and Prov 19:13b.

The trouble in many marriages is caused by the man – but it takes two to make a marriage and often the trouble is caused by the wife – others rarely know her contributions to the trouble because she reserves her contentious ways for her husband at home where no body else can see what she is doing.

Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines so you know that he was an authority on this subject.

Solomon said the man would be better living in the corner of a housetop than with a contentious woman in a wide house – he’d have to go to the corner of the house top just to get away from her – the old cowboys used to say, “If you ain’t a man with a lot of guts the dog gone woman is gonna drive you nuts.”

Solomon said the man would be better off in the wilderness than with a contentious and angry woman – contention comes from pride and the anger is proud wrath – she wants her way and she doesn’t care who she has to knock over to get it.

Solomon said that once this behavior gets started, it never lets up; it is a continual dropping – nag, nag, nag, non-stop – it’ll drive a man crazy – this reminds me of a Chinese torture which entails dripping water on the victim’s forehead until the man goes stark raving mad – a milder form of this annoyance is a drippy faucet in the bathroom while you are trying to go to sleep – you get no rest.

Instead of being a contentious wife, what should a woman be?

She should be submissive, Eph 5:22 – she should learn to love her husband and be obedient to him, Titus 2 – she should posses a meek and quiet spirit and maintain a chaste conversation, 1 Pet 3 – she should not usurp authority over the man and she should learn in silence, 1 Tim 2 – and she should be well reported of for good behavior in case her husband predeceases her, 1 Tim 5:9-10 – she should be like Abigail, 1 Sam 25:3 who was of good understanding and a beautiful countenance.

Your husband already knows whether you are a contentious wife – we don’t – but if you are a bossy, demanding, contentious woman and your husband is still with you, God bless him – pray to God that you can change before it’s too late – he may be scoping out the corner of the housetop or a good spot to retire out in the desert!

Seriously there is a lot said about this in the Bible – every woman with a God-fearing, wife-loving husband has it better than any other woman any where else in the world – don’t lose him!!