An Inheritance Prov. 20: 21

An Inheritance Prov. 20:21 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

It is a privilege from your parents to receive an inheritance.  It makes it so much easier to buy a car or make a down payment on a house or to have a supplemental income or to give abundantly to the Lord or to educate your children or to get your own retirement set up for the future or to handle medical expenses or to do whatever you want.

But there is a problem that goes along with receiving an inheritance as well – you become dependent on that money and then when it is gone you can’t make the adjustments necessary to get along without it – since it didn’t cost you anything to get it, it is easy to blow it on luxuries that cost a lot of money and are then worth a small percentage of what you paid for them when you have to sell them because you can no longer maintain them – receiving an inheritance can be stressful as you suddenly have to deal with tax problems and accountants, lawyers and methods of protection, banks and trust officers, family and being in business together – often assets of great heritage value are sold to generate cash and then the cash runs through your fingers like water.

So, the beginning of the inheritance can be hasty – i.e. you turn 21 years old and $150,000 dollars is suddenly dropped in your lap – the end is not blessed because, “Easy come easy go!” – the prodigal son carried his inheritance to the far country and wasted his substance with riotous living – so it broke him and dissipated him and though he was his father’s son his life was spent as a servant thereafter.

Since an inheritance can be hasty then here’s what we need to do – if you are a parent set it up where they can only get a portion over time – start it when they are older so that they know that they have to work to eat and so that they have more appreciation and respect for what to do with it.

If you are the heir and it’s coming hastily then go straight to honest, trustworthy men and get counsel on how to enjoy some of it now while preserving enough for later – they will help you set up a system with some restraint – tithe it, too – Ecc 7:11 wisdom is good with an inheritance.

Leaving an inheritance is appropriate – Prov 19:14 house and riches are the inheritance of fathers – parents lay up for the children – consider what an inheritance will do to the kids if you give them too much – some grantors give to foundations, charities, and the Lord’s work.

Leaving an inheritance is even good for grand kids – Prov 13:22 a good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children.

Exercise caution, though – Lk 12:13-15, 21 warns that we are to beware of covetousness – a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.  Remember Acts 4, Barnabas sold possessions and lands for the Lord’s work.

Always remember that our inheritance is in heaven subject to the Judgment Seat of Christ – Acts 20:32; 1 Pet 1:4.