Man’s Goings Prov. 20: 24

Man’s Goings Prov. 20:24 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This first part of this verse is not about an individual man’s personal path of life as much as it is about mankind’s goings [man’s goings are of the Lord – which is absolutely true because God made you] – the second part, which is a question, can only be answered by an individual man if the man believes the first part and then looks to God for revelation concerning “his own way.”

I understand my way because I believe what God said about my goings – God said I was GOING to hell without Christ and I believed him – my way was the wrong way and I never understood that until I believed what God said about where I was GOING – so, since I didn’t want to go to hell, I trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior – and now I am GOING to heaven – and that way is the right way – I know and understand where I am GOING – heaven is my way and I understand that just fine because that is where God said I am GOING.

Your goings are of the Lord and nothing you try to do will change those goings unless God has given you another way to go – they are universally true – if you believe what God said about your goings then you will understand your way as much as God has let you understand it – and that’s it – period.

Look, you are GOING to sin – nothing you do will change that [not education, wealth over poverty, environmental changes, population control, a democratic government] – and sins make you accountable to God – if you don’t want to have to pay for those sins for eternity then you will have to accept Jesus Christ [God’s way] – and then you can go to heaven with your sins paid for – do you understand? Yes!

You are GOING to reap what you sow – you cannot change that – AH you can change what you sow, but you can’t change the fact that whatever you sow you are going to reap – when I understood that my own way would change when I changed what I was sowing, I changed it – and God was right – I was GOING to reap better stuff because I was sowing better stuff – understand?  You can only understand if you believe what God said about your goings.

You are GOING to die – nothing you do will change that – Heb 9:27; Rom 6:23 – you can have all the insurance, the best medical treatment, the healthiest diet, the best exercise and sleep habits, regular check ups, you can drink the purest water and all of the juices that are supposed to be good for you, you can take all of the herbs and supplements you like, and YOU AREGOING TO DIE – man’s goings are of the Lord!!  So, have you made provisions and preparations for your death?  Do you understand? Yes – spiritually get saved and work for the Judgment Seat of Christ and give to lay up on the other side – and, practically, prepare a will, prepare a durable power of attorney, etc.

The nations are GOING to try to destroy the Jews – no road map to peace, no amount of prayer for world peace is going to change that – if a man refuses to believe what God said about the Israel and the middle east, he will never understand his own way – he will never understand why his plans aren’t working – he will never understand why all attempts to stop wars only result in more wars – we have 3 more wars slated for the future with a total destruction of at least ½ the population of the earth – a man says, I don’t understand [right you are] – how can a man then understand his own way?  He can’t if he won’t believe that he is GOING to end up doing what God said he was GOING to do.

Christianity is GOING to end in apostasy – you say I don’t want it to – you cannot stop it – 2 Thes 2 says that there will be a falling away first – 2 Tim 3 says that perilous times will come – Matt 24 says that many will be deceived – all of us working together cannot stop that – that is the way God said things were GOING – now we understand this so what do we do?  We make sure that WE ourselves don’t end up in apostasy – you understand?  Sure you do!

You get in that Bible and figure out which way God is going [as revealed] – and then you conform to his way – then and only then you will understand your own way – apart from that you will never understand – a college education can make you smart enough to make a real good living but it will never ever make you smart enough to understand your own ways – only God can do that because only he really knows where you are going – that’s why a man without Christ is LOST – he doesn’t know where he is going.

Get saved – and if you are saved quit worrying about trying to keep up with where this old world thinks it’s going – it doesn’t have a clue – we know – it is going to burn 2 Pet 3 – so don’t invest too much time and effort into making it a better place – it isn’t GOING to get better – it is getting worse.

Tell people who are GOING to hell where they are GOING and tell them that you are GOING to heaven and you know it and you want them to GO with you by trusting Jesus Christ as their Savior!  Now, “that way” I understand and so do you!