Don’t Drink Alcohol Prov. 20: 1

Don’t Drink Prov. 20:1 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Some argue that the Bible doesn’t say, Don’t drink alcohol.  They justify their position with statements like, “Paul told Timothy to drink wine,” [1 Tim 5:23].  Or they’ll say that Jesus drank wine at the Last Supper [Matt 26:29 fruit of the vine Mk 14:25, Lk 22:18].  But if you look at the references, you know that Jesus did not drink fermented wine.  What he drank is always referred to as a “cup” and the contents are always called, “the fruit of the vine.”  Always!  What he had was never called wine one time!

So, here’s the Bible’s position on drinking:

Prov 23:29-35 – drinking causes woe, sorrow, contentions, babbling, wounds, red eyes, hangovers, adultery, perversion, and addiction.

Hab 2:15, 16 – drunkenness is connected with nakedness.

Is 5:11-12; 22-23 – the Lord says, Woe, unto them.

Prov 31:4-7 – it is not for kings to drink wine – remember we are supposed to reign as kings and priests with Jesus on earth.

Lev 10:9 – the priests were forbidden to drink wine [see above].

Is 28:7 – the priests and the prophets erred thru strong drink.

Rom 14:21 – it is not good to drink wine because it causes a brother to stumble.

Eph 5:18 – be filled with the Spirit rather than drink wherein is excess; the excess is in the wine.

Conclusion: Don’t drink alcohol.