Victory In Defeating Your Goliath


Victory In Defeating Your Goliath

1 Samuel 17

How do you defeat the giant problems that show up in your life and get victory? How can we get victory over a personal Goliath in our path? If victory ever comes, it will be done in the energy of the Spirit, not in the energy of your flesh. It will come with total surrender of your life to Jesus Christ and the direction of the Holy Spirit, or not at all. David was no match for Goliath in the flesh, neither are you!

Examples of  a personal Goliath:

A besetting (or habitual) sin

A thorn in the flesh or physical problem

An addiction

Family problems


Ongoing sinful thoughts or actions

Money problems

In this well known passage David shows us some tools that he used to defeat his Goliath and get the victory. In verse 40 he “chose him five smooth stones”. These were his chosen weapons. Let us look at what each of these five weapons (stones) represent.


Verse 29 “Is there not a cause?”

Wisdom to know the correct reason for the fight

Many times we are fighting an imaginary foe

Worth the battle, count the cost [Luke 14:28]

Fight or let it be? Forbearance

Wisdom is free, ask God for it [James 1:5], also from Bible, Preaching, Teaching, and Godly counsel.


Verse 45 “but I come to thee in the name of the Lord”

If you are a Christian, you are to be “Christ like”, you represent him.

You are not to be ashamed of God, [Luke 9:26]

You are not to be ashamed of the battle, by fighting you acknowledge to others your Goliath

There is no victory by dishonest methods, for example with enemies or money


Verse 47 “the battle is the Lord’s”

God wants to fight through you [Eph.1:19]

God always wins [Rom.8:37] [2 Cor.2:14]

Faith will enable you to use his power to win [Phil.4:13]

To have the Spirit of God, ye must be saved. David had the Spirit of God, [1 Sam.16:13], we get it through Faith, and faith it our victory [1 Cor.15:57] [1Jn.5:4]


Verse 48 “David hasted, and ran toward…”

Face your Goliath, play offense

Use past victories as momentum, David did [1 Sam.30:6]

Commit, if you don’t start because you are afraid you will fail, you are right, you already failed.

You, let me repeat, YOU must want to win.


Verses 50-51 “So David prevailed”

David finished the job

Paul finished the Job [2 Tim.4:7]

Victory will not come while you are in disobedience. If you are disobedient to the words of God in one area of your life, and praying to God for deliverance in another, don’t expect for God to help you finish the job. Obedience is the key to victory.

Revisit the battle site for any sign of life, and kill it

Move on to the next battle

If you use these five weapons (stones) daily, you will have victory, don’t give up.