Right and Wrong Business Dealings Prov. 16: 8

Right Business Dealings Prov.16: 8 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Prov 16:8 – “Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues without right.”  This lesson is about right and wrong business dealings.

I have heard a number of Christian businessmen tell me that they have to cut corners and do things a little under handedly – but according to this text, it is better for a man to have a LITTLE WITH RIGHTEOUSNESS than for him to do something inappropriate or unrighteousness in order to get more.

This unethical trouble comes from:

Greed – A love of money – 1 Tim 6:10 – it is the root of all evil.

Covetousness – Measuring success by possessions – Lk 12:15-21 – Langley said, “You can tell what God thinks about money by looking at how much he gave his Son.”  Jesus died penniless – Paul in Phil 4 was content – Heb 13:5 says, “be content with such things as ye have.”

Envy – Jas 4:1-5 – you see what someone else has and you want the same.

Lack of Integrity – a character flaw – character is determined by what you will do when you are alone – however, God is watching – his eyes behold the evil and the good.

Lack of Trust – lack of trust in God, Mk 10:17-25 – in other words, you feel more compelled to trust in the money, and so you will do something wrong in order to make sure that you have what you consider to be enough.

Conclusion: Do right in all of your business dealings so that no matter how you are judged by God, here or in eternity, the books are squeaky clean and your conscience before God and men is clean – if that means you must have less than more in order to be right then so be it.