The Fellowship of Prayer

The Fellowship of Prayer John 15:7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In prayer, we don’t just have the opportunity to make our requests known to God but we more importantly have the privilege of having fellowship with God.  Fellowship is companionship and friendly association.  It is a mutual sharing of experience, activity and interest.  So, in prayer we are in fellowship with the Lord [1 Jn 1:3, 2 Cor 13:14].

In our text, the Lord said, “If ye abide in me.”  In fact, because we are saved, we owe our very lives to the Lord.  But individually, we are connected to the vine and must abide in the Lord to bear fruit.  So, R.A. Torrey said that in order to fully abide in Christ we should “renounce all life independent of Christ.”  In prayer there should be a conscious and continuous fellowship with Jesus.  Ps 16:11 says, “in thy presence is fullness of joy.”

Do you know what Jesus is doing right now?  He is interceding for the lost and for us [Heb 7:25; Rom 8:34].  So, when you pray you are mutually sharing prayer with the Lord.  How often do we just pray and then get up and leave before having any fellowship with the Lord in the very thing in which he is involved?

Do you know what the Holy Spirit is doing right now?  He is interceding for us with groanings which cannot be uttered [Rom 6:26].  Have you ever waited long enough in prayer for the Holy Spirit to be able to intercede through you with these unutterable groanings?

Do you know what God is doing right now?  He is hearing our prayers, that is if we are praying [Mic 7:7].  Imagine being able to take the time to actually have a conversation alone with God.  That’s the true fellowship of prayer.

E.M. Bounds said, “Prayer is the contact of a living soul with God.”  “God taught Paul to pray by the revelation of himself, which is the first call to prayer, and the first lesson on praying.”  We need to take more time in prayer to do more than throw up our requests and run off before the Lord has time to fellowship with us.

In our text, the Lord said, “and my words abide in you.”  We need to study His words, devour them, absorb them, obey them, let them shape and mold us, meditate on them until the words live in our hearts.  Eventually, our thoughts, responses and words will come forth from the well spring of God’s words in our hearts.  How little time we spend in prayer because of the paucity of time spent in our Bibles.

We need to saturate our minds and hearts with his words.  When we do, our time in prayer will be spent in greater fellowship with the Lord because our thoughts will be on him and what matters to him.

In our text, the Lord said, “ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.”  After enjoying fellowship with the Lord in prayer and having his words abide continuously in you, you can see why this prayer promise is true.  You will be so in love with the Lord and so consumed with thoughts about him that your prayers are going to be like his.  You will be in communion with the Godhead and he will be in communion with you.  You will be doing what God asked of you so it will be a delight for him to do what you ask of him.