Righteousness Exalteth a Nation Prov. 14: 34

Righteousness Exalteth a Nation CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

If this verse is true and you know that I believe it is then righteousness exalteth a nation – that is a nation will be exalted in accordance with its righteousness – not its politics, economy, scientific advancements, art, architecture, literature, military, medicine or anything else – righteousness – when it goes into wickedness, it disintegrates.

Let’s look at some Biblical examples and see what we can glean from them about the condition of the USA.  Notice:

The exaltation of Egypt for helping Jacob and his family – Gen 47:23-27 – Joseph warned Pharaoh of the coming famine and stored up the abundance of crops for 7 years prior t the famine – God gave them Joseph to guide by wisdom the affairs of the country.

The destruction of Egypt for putting Israel in bondage – Ex 1:11-14; when the plagues came look at the result, Ex 10:7.

God gives a country ample time and warning to recognize their wickedness and turn to righteousness and then if they don’t turn, he destroys them – Gen 15:16 the Amorites were given 400 years but when they did not exalt righteousness, God destroyed them [their sins Lev 18:20-25] [their destruction Deut 20:16-18].

Sodom and Gomorrah are good examples of the way God destroyed cities of a country for sin and iniquity – Gen 18:20 – destroyed in 19:24-25 for the sins of Ezek 16:49-50.

Nineveh is a good example of a city that was wicked that turned to righteousness and was spared – Jon 3:10, Jon 4:11 all of these would have died had it not been for their return to righteousness.

Righteousness exalted Israel under David and Solomon

But idolatry beginning with Solomon took them down and destroyed them – 2 Sam 8:3 David recovered his border at the river Euphrates – but in 1 Ki 11:31-33 God rent kingdom in two.

Looking at all of these, we find these things about the USA. To be exalted we must:

  • Glorify God and be thankful to him – Rom 1:21
  • Remain faithful allies of Israel – that’s RIGHT Gen 12:3
  • We need to turn from these sex sins that plague our country
  • We need to turn from pride, abundance and idleness – Sodom & Gomorrah
  • We need to turn from idolatry – Col 3:5 covetousness is idolatry