The Integrity of Job

The Integrity of Job CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Integrity is the quality or state of being of sound moral principle.  It is an excellent quality.  It is based on Biblical principle but it is not something that comes from spirituality.  It is something in your character that can be bolstered by the grace of God.  It is woven into the character of a man or woman determined to live uprightly.  It is not a replacement for the righteousness of Jesus Christ, at all, rather it is supplementary.  Men who get saved who have no integrity will often continue to lie, cheat, steal, etc.  Men who aren’t saved but who have integrity will live without lying, cheating and stealing.

Notice how the integrity of Job is revealed in his character, Job 31.  He would not curse God or live contrary to God’s revealed truth [sin] and his integrity held in spite of the devil’s greatest attempts to shake it.  The integrity of Job was rock solid.

None of these things could shake his integrity:

There was no circumstance bad enough – people will often do something unethical or something that they wouldn’t normally do and blame a bad circumstance as the reason for doing it – bad circumstances are never an excuse for bad behavior – just ask Dr. Ben Carson or Michael Ohr – even after losing possessions and wealth and all of his children and health, he never did curse God.

There was no price high enough – he could not be bought – the Bible says, “Buy the truth and sell it not” – even the devil had his price – when he realized he could use his wisdom for traffic and merchandise, he sold out – Job could not be bought – the very nature of our political system of campaign contributions makes it nearly impossible for men and women to maintain their integrity and discourages men and women with integrity from getting involved – furthermore, it is always disappointing to see the “role model” athletes of society cheat to win.

There was no opportunity convenient enough – many people have enough integrity to keep them from cheating, stealing and lying when it is inconvenient – but under circumstances where it is convenient, they would not have enough integrity to resist the opportunity – Job never took advantage of any opportunity or anybody [friend or foe].

There was no desire strong enough – he kept himself under control – self-control is one of the most outstanding character traits of integrity – he that ruleth his spirit [is better] than he that taketh a city – no matter the strength of his own desire, Job would never even look at a woman inappropriately – Joseph never took advantage of Potiphar’s wife even when it cost him his position and 13 years in prison.

There was no sin justifiable enough – Job would not cover his transgressions – he confessed them all before the Lord and kept himself from sin as much as was humanly possible – of course, his integrity in this area became self-righteousness and God had to deal with him about that – never is our integrity sufficient to give us righteousness comparable to the Lord’s righteousness – you can never maintain your integrity by justifying sin in your life.

Conclusion: You’d better establish your integrity and resolve that: you can’t be bought, you can’t be adversely affected, you can’t be swayed, and you can’t be persuaded to go against God and his words by his grace.