A True Witness Delivereth Souls Prov. 14: 25

True Witness Delievereth Souls Prov 14: 25 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

A true witness delivereth souls.  This true witness is contrasted with the deceitful witness that lies – and in terms of our witness, a deceitful witness will not tell a lost sinner the truth of the negative side of the gospel and thus will cripple him if he gets saved or he will lead him in a false profession of faith.

A true witness will tell him the truth (the whole truth Acts 20:27) so that he will really know what’s going on – a true witness will tell him the bad news as well as the good – modern preachers neglect this – so do some of the cults – Jehovah’s Witnesses got rid of hell.

Now if you want to be a true witness and not a deceitful witness here’s what you should tell a lost soul:

You are a Sinner – Rom 3:23 – a sinner short of the glory of God.

Your sins require a Payment – Rom 6:23 – physical death – and spiritual death Rev 21:8 – a death that applies to all liars.

You will face Judgment – Heb 9:27 – God’s judgment of your righteousness compared to Christ’s righteousness, not your good against your bad, but you against Jesus – you don’t stand a chance (Eph 2:12 no hope).

You have a Substitute – 2 Cor 5:21 – Jesus took your sins in his own body on the tree – that’s what killed him – then he went to the grave (death) and then he went to hell (second death) – he took your place – then he arose proving he beat your four worst enemies – sin, death, hell and the devil.

You may receive Jesus by faith today – Jn 1:12 – receive him and then you will have clean slate – he switches places with you – you are judged immediately by God and then justified [declared not guilty].

That’s a true witness and with that witness Jesus will deliver your soul if you will trust Christ.