The Word Despised & Feared Prov. 13: 13

The Word Despised & Feared Prov. 13:13 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This lesson demonstrates the results of the word despised & feared.  Now here’s the deal – the word of God is true – every single word in there is perfect – all we have to do is read it, believe it and do it – and we will as long as we fear it – but when a person comes along and says “No” to believing it, reading it, doing it, and fearing it, he’s in big trouble – the Bible says he will be destroyed.

Destroyed Despisers

Jehudi and the Jews in Judah – Jer 36:24, 31

The young prophet lied to by the old prophet – 1 Ki 13

Hananiah vs. Jeremiah – Jer 28

Egyptians in the hail – Ex 9:19-21

Pharisees – how can ye escape the damnation of hell – Matt 23:33

The five brothers (potentially) – Lk 16:28-31

You – if you don’t get saved or if you are saved and you are despising God’s words

Rewarded Fearers

Egyptians in the hail – Ex 9:19-21

Jews who went into Babylonian captivity – Jer 21:9

The twelve disciples, some of whom go from a lowly fishing career to ruling on twelve thrones over the twelve tribes of Israel – Matt 19:27-30

The Ninevites under the preaching of Jonah – Jon 2:7-10

And every one of us who has gotten saved – Acts 9:31 (to get saved Jude 23, to work for the Lord now Phil 2:12, and to prepare for the judgment seat of Christ 2 Cor 5:10-11)