Right in His Own Eyes Prov. 12: 15

Right in His Own Eyes Prov. 12:15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

A man who is right in his own eyes is often wrong in the Lord’s eyes.  When he judges himself is his “way” he concludes that he is “right.”  This is something he learns as a child – he is used to getting his own way – when a man grows up and still acts this way he is childish and foolish – this man will justify himself and “prove” that his way is right – but his way is the thing that will kill him in the end – Prov 14:12, 16:25 quickly show you that the way of a man who thinks he is right is a “dead” end.

Now a man in this shape needs to get saved.

Paul eventually followed the Lord’s way (Jn 14:6) and his accusers thought that “way” was heresy, Acts 24:14.  That’s because Paul was living contrary to their way – they were relying on their way to justify them – so they were wrong if Paul was right – Men cannot judge adequately themselves in their way because they love themselves too much – 2 Tim 3:2, Eph 5:29 – notice Paul would not judge himself, 1 Cor 4:3-5.

This was the trouble with the Jews, “every man did that which was right in his own eyes, Jud 17:6 – and this trouble led them to reject Jesus centuries later, Rom 10:1-4.

The Lord doesn’t worry with what way a man chooses to justify himself – He weighs the spirits, Prov 16:2 – the only spirit that will justify him is the Holy Spirit, 1 Cor 6:11 – the Lord in Prov 21:2 ponders the hearts – He is looking for a new creature, 2 Cor 5:17, and nothing else –

You see, a man’s way cannot change who he is in his heart, Mk 7:21-23 – and the heart is what God judges, Jer 17:9-10 – men judge the outward appearance – that’s why the Bible says that he is right in his own EYES – he cannot see his heart.

To keep from going on the way that is right in your own eyes after you are saved:

Prov 3:7 fear God – find what God wants you to do and do it – and if the temptation to do what’s right in your own eyes comes up then the fear of God will cause you to defer your own desires to the Lord’s desires because of the consequences (fear)

Prov 3:7 depart from evil – You will be on the right way when you do this

Prov 12:15 seek counsel – wise counsel will guide you in and to the right way