Caring For Animals Prov. 12: 10

Caring for Animals Prov. 12:10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Bible says that a righteous man careth for the life of his beast.  So, we ought to see how the Bible shows us to do this and then see what the limitations are.

The idea of caring for animals originated with the Lord – Matt 6:26.  The Lord cares for the sparrows, feeds them daily and not one of them falls to the ground without the Father knowing – Matt 10:29

He even made an allowance contrary to the law to rescue them – a sheep fallen in a pit can be removed on the Sabbath – Matt 12:11 – even an enemy must stop to help his neighbor with a animal in distress – Ex 23:4-5

He also gave instructions to eat animals and to sacrifice them – Gen 9:4, Gen 18:7.  Abraham, a friend of God, killed a calf to feed the Lord and his angels.  Prov 12:27 says that it’s okay to hunt but a man must roast that which he took in hunting.  Animal societies that give animals more “rights” than human beings aren’t right either.  Men have dominion over the beasts of the field.

Now, what must we do:

Feed and water them – Ps 23 – Shepherds lead sheep, protect them, and water them.  Sheep were watered at the wells each day Gen 29:2.  It’s a good idea for children to have to care for a pet when they are young; this teaches them how to be caring people.

Protect them – David fought off a lion and a bear to protect his flock – 1Sam 17:34-36.

Shelter them – in a sheepcote 2 Sam 7:8, behind a wind break.  You bring your dogs in on cold nights and give them plenty of shade and water on hot days.  Egyptians were supposed to bring the animals in from the hail storm.  When they didn’t the animals were killed Ex 9:20-21.

Love them – One man loved his lamb so much, she slept with him in the parable Nathan gave about David and Bathsheba – 2 Sam 12:3.

Properly treat them; don’t be cruel – Men were not to kill the dam and the offspring in the same day Lev 22:27-28.  Men were not to seethe a kid in his mother’s milk Ex 23:19.  Deut 25:4 – the farmer was not to muzzle the ox that treadeth the corn.  In training horses there is no need to beat them severely to break them (Rhemuda now compared to back then).

But don’t forget that they are animals – Dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the rich man’s table Matt 15:27.  There is no such thing as doggy heaven.  The Bible says, without are dogs Rev 22:14-15; Ecc 3:21.