A Virtuous Woman Prov. 12: 4

A Virtuous Woman Prov. 12: 4 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Well, here is a subject that will be an honor to a virtuous woman, a goal and instruction for young women, and a reproof to women who are not virtuous but can be and ought to be.  This message will mean absolutely nothing to a woman without virtue and who doesn’t care anything about being virtuous.

A Virtuous Woman:

Is a crown to her husband – 1 Cor 11:7-9, 3 – when looking for a wife, look for the fact that she should be a crown to you.

Is single of heart – Ruth 3:10-11 – Tit 2:3-5 Unfortunately young women don’t have the role models that they used to have – if their role models are Hollywood movie stars and rock and roll singers, they are sunk as far finding a virtuous woman among that crowd – sometimes a woman has lost her virtue through carelessness at a young age, but then she wises up – she goes for virtue and she makes a fine woman – if you have one of these, you are a very fortunate man Prov 19:14 – not all women turn out this way.

Is worth way more than rubies – Prov 31:10 – so don’t spend all of your time mining for rubies [working] – pay careful attention to the woman you married or are thinking about marrying.

Is a diligent worker – Prov 31:11-31 – these things are done for the household – many used to think that all women should be stay at home moms, but sometimes the home needs the income and the woman works like this one did to benefit her family – if you do, do not neglect the children.