The Righteous is Delivered and the Wicked Cometh Prov. 11:8

Prov. 11:8 The Righteous is Delivered  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There is a pattern in the Bible, the righteous is delivered and the wicked cometh.  This pattern shows you several things.

In government, leadership degenerates – righteous rulers are often delivered from the trouble that comes to the wicked rulers that follow them – Manasseh follows Hezekiah and Hezekiah was delivered from the trouble 2 Ki 20:17-19 – Jehoahaz 2 Ki 23:32 & Jehoiakim 2 Ki 23:37 follow Josiah and Josiah was delivered from the trouble 2 Ki 22:18-20 – the Pharaoh that raised up Joseph and took care of Jacob and his family was followed later by the Pharaoh who enslaved the Jews and killed their male babies – the Jews were delivered and Pharaoh was destroyed along with the firstborn males and the country – so if you hope to see a long term improvement in the government of any country you are hoping for something that doesn’t happen – leadership in governments deteriorates over time – our hope is in our deliverance not in our improvement.

When all hell is fixing to break loose, God gets his people out of there – Is 57:1; Noah and his family escaped the flood – Lot and some of his family escaped the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah – the rapture comes before the great tribulation – we aren’t going to be here for all of that wrath – some of us may die before the rapture, others will be alive when he comes for us – those that die escape any further trouble that may be upon us before he comes – times will never have been as bad as they are going to be right before the 2nd Coming of Christ – Matt 24:21 – our hope is in Tit 2:13 – there’s no reason for us to get too fancy and elaborate with our houses and buildings because they are just going to be inhabited by the antichrist and his crowd when he comes.

The verse doesn’t say that God’s people get by without trouble, but they will be delivered out of it if by no other means than by death – Job 5:7, Paul had trouble, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had trouble but see Dan 3:16-18 – Jeremiah had lots of trouble but God got him through it all – we have trouble [it is rather to be expected since we are misfits in the world] – but when the wicked come in behind the righteous, they don’t get the deliverance that God’s people get – in the end they wind up in the lake of fire.