How Will They Remember You Prov. 10: 6-7

How Will They Remember You Prov. 10: 6-7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this passage we find two ways that people are remembered.  The memory of the just is blessed and the name of the wicked shall rot.  A good name is rather to be chosen Prov 22:1; Ecc 7:1

Blessed people

  • Abraham – Gen 14:19
  • Jael – Jud 5:24
  • They that fear the Lord – Ps 128:1 We called them God fearing men in my day
  • Peter – Matt 16:17
  • Mary – Lk 1:42
  • The Creator – Rom 1:25

People with Good Names

Jesus, Paul, Ruth, Abigail, Jacob, Joseph, James and John, Timothy, Caleb, Joshua, Esther, Martha, Elisabeth, Daniel, Priscilla, Samuel, David, etc and these names are remembered with great honor and fondness

People with Rotten Names

Ahab, Jezebel, Pilate, Herod, Haman, Judas Iscariot, Cain, Satan, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Castro, etc. – and their rottenness is generally connected with violence

People Inappropriately Named

Now the thing to watch is that the world will often assign a bad name to a just man and a good name to a bad man – Jesus was called the devil and Beelzebub by his peers, Paul was accused of riot and turning the world upside down, sometimes good preachers are accused of cultist activity – on the other hand, the world loved Absalom and they will follow the antichrist and his flattery gladly thinking he’s better than Jesus was – he’ll be responsible for more violence in the earth than any other human being before him.

Now how will they talk of you when you are gone?

One man over his father’s grave cursed him; he only came to his funeral to be sure his dad was really dead

Want a good memory, get saved, live for Jesus, and live right – Ps 32:1-2