Isaiah 13:14-22 Day of Destruction Continued

 Day of Destruction Continued Isaiah 13, 14-22 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In the last Sunday school lesson we covered the terrible events that will take place at the Second Coming of Jesus.  Today, we will continue to enumerate these events during this day of destruction and then we will see the prophesied end of Babylon in the last few verses of the chapter.

This day will involve:

The scattering of the nations – v.14 – when an army is routed, the conquered foe scatters and runs for home in a panic.

Death Squads – v.15, 18a – Rev 13:10 – when the Nazi were searching for the Jews, they left “no stone unturned” in their search.  Likewise, in the search for the Chaldeans and those abetting them, all who are found are slain.

Cruelty to children – v.16, 18b – Nah 3:10 – this is reminiscent of Pharaoh drowning the male children of the Jews in bondage and Herod exterminating males under two years old in Bethlehem – Americans talk of protecting children but their talk is hypocritical – millions have been killed in abortion clinics – they just can’t seem to inflict the same cruelty once the children are born – but that’s because they believe that children are wards of the state – give it time – human nature never changes!

Contained in this prophecy is a reference to an invasion by the Medes, who will not accept silver and gold as a ransom.  This prophecy was written in 713BC and fulfilled in 536BC [Dan 5:30-31].  This historical fact validates the rest of the prophecy, most of which has yet to be fulfilled.

The end of Babylon:

Verses 19-22 don’t deal so much with the fall of ancient Babylon, although we know that the fall of ancient Babylon was prophesied [v.17].  The context of these verses is the Second Advent, so the application is going forward to Rev 17-19, the literal fulfillment of things prophesied against Mystery Babylon.

She’ll rise to glory – v.19 – Rev 18:3, 7, 12-16

She’ll be destroyed by fire – v.19 as Sodom and Gomorrah – she wasn’t burned under Darius and Cyrus – but look at Rev 18:8-9, 18.

She’ll be totally uninhabited – v.20 – Jer 50:3 – she’ll never be inhabited again – not from generation to generation [no inheritance], not by nomads who pitch their tents there and not by shepherds whose flocks would graze there.

She’ll become a place for devils – v.21-22a – Rev 18:2 – Owls [see Lev 11:6, Ps 102:6, Is 34:5-15] which are unclean and very out of place in a wilderness (these are demonic) – Satyr – Is 34:14, half man and half goat [these are real spiritual beings currently invisible] – Dragons – Rev 12:3, 9; Jer 51:34; Is 27:1 w/ Ps 74:13-14; Job 30:29.

She’ll go down soon – v.22b – her end is imminent taking place at the second coming of Jesus.