Don’t Commit Adultery Proverbs 6: 24-35

Don’t Commit Adultery Prov. 6: 24-35 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

You’re listening to me today and your thoughts are on another woman besides your wife.  You know what you’re thinking about is wrong but there is a certain allurement and temptation in your heart and in her eyes and mannerisms so that you can’t quite shake what you are thinking about – let me tell you in no uncertain terms, get those thoughts out of your head now – what you are about to do is deadly – our text will put it right out in front of you so there is no mistaking the consequences of the sin you are contemplating – I am a man and I’ve been around plenty of men and I’ve seen those eyes just lock on to a woman – in a matter of seconds many ideas can swirl in your head – well get the message of this text today – burn it indelibly in your brain and heart and let it be your guide till you die – it will spare you a tremendous amount of heartache and embarrassment and spare others as well [like your wife, kids, her husband and perhaps many others, like when a preacher does this].

Although Hollywood has popularized this sin until most don’t even have a conscience about it, it is still just as wrong today as it was when Solomon penned these words.  So, with this in mind, let’s examine the text.

An adulterous woman is an evil woman 24 – so why would you want to risk the trouble that might result when she decides to catch another man after she has caught you – she’ll have no conscience about it – just because she doesn’t charge for her favor doesn’t mean she is not evil.

An adulterous woman is a flatterer 24 – in other words she’s just buttering you up [don’t believe that stuff] Prov 29:5 shows you that flattery is a net – snare.

An adulterous woman is often a beautiful woman 25 – and so her attractiveness catches your attention and appeals to your lust – she’ll use her eyes to get your attention [ever notice how much time is spent fixing up the eyes with makeup] – adultery is connected with the spirit of the age in which we live.

An adulterous woman is a whorish woman 26 – fits the definition well – she has more than one man – she’s a fornicator.

Just so that you are prepared for upcoming lessons on Prov 7, notice that the description above pertains not only to a natural woman but also to MYSTERY BABYLON [the piece of bread typifies communion and the precious life typifies the blood of martyrs].

Now if you are so unfortunate to get into or to have gotten into such a problem as adultery, look at the results.

Going into your neighbor’s wife will:

Burn you – 27-29 – [they say, “He got burned”] in the same way that playing with fire will burn your clothes and walking on coals will burn your feet.

Destroy you – 30-32 – the thief pays 7 times for his theft but he is not despised because people understand what it is to be hungry – nevertheless if he doesn’t have 7 times to pay then he will pay with everything he has – he will lose it all – the thief loses his substance; the adulterer loses his soul.

Wound you – 33 – you’ll have a fight with her husband on your hands [verse 34] – he’ll be motivated by jealousy and vengeance [verse 35] no matter how you try to appease him with money, gifts or whatever, he can’t be bought, he will still be in a rage – some have tried to  buy off the jilted husband but he never will be satisfied with the payoff – trouble with the Lord – hey if you are a woman contemplating catching a man this way, you will never rest  – you’ll always be wondering whether there is some other woman that’s going to come along and catch him away from you.

Dishonor you – 33 – ruins your character – look what happened to Clinton while he was in office – your reproach will not be wiped away – depending who you are and how many people know you or how many people you influence, they will always remember your trouble.