The Strange Woman Proverbs 5: 1-23

The Strange Woman Prov. 5:1-23 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

You have to watch out for her. With her you end up with:

Bitter end – v.4-5 – (divorce, misery, trouble, contention) death (disease, dissipation, murder – two-timing and getting caught by the other man), hell

Shame and trouble – v.9 – honor to others (disgusting – preacher in trouble caused a fellow’s dad to stay out of church, kids embarrassed, unaccepted by honorable society, even the dishonorable grow weary of a whoremonger), years to the cruel (cruel bondage trapped by sin 22-23 [Samsom]; cruel diseases – liver maladies, heart problems, bladder and prostate trouble, etc v. 11) – sin keeps you longer than you want to stay – a man wants out and can’t get the thoughts out of his mind

Lost wealth – v.10 – alimony, frivolity and luxury, price of a whore, recklessness ends in bankruptcy – you’re like a buck in rut

She will catch you with her:

Lips – v.3 – flatterer like Ps 55:21 – painted and smooth lying words like Rom 16:17-18 – get unequally yoked and find that she is keeping you from God

Moving – v.6 –  she is a free floater so you can’t nail her down and check her out – in and out of different men’s beds and in and out of different clubs and cities – one I heard slept with a groomsman the day of her wedding (her husband never knew until they divorced)

Ravishing bosom – v.20 – she knows what you want

You escape her by:

Attending to wisdom – v.1-2 –  this book is full of good wisdom to keep you out of her way – tells you about the really good women [Abigail, Mary, Martha, Mary, Esther, Ruth] and the really bad [Jezebel]

Staying away from her – v.8 – she may be pretty and she may be inviting but stay away

Obeying instruction – v.12-13 – listen to what I am saying or to what others counsel about her – you mess around with strange women and you won’t stay married


14 – You can be in church and hear all about what not to do and find yourself right smack dab in the middle of trouble if you don’t pay attention to what you are being taught – David the king messed up right in the middle of all of his blessings and counsel [Ahithophel was Bathsheba’s grandfather]

15-19 – Marry and be pleased with thy wife alone – just magnify the love you have for her and forget those alluring beauties – go out on dates with her

REMEMBER above all v 21 God is watching everything!!!